My 10 favorite places on earth (so far)

This is gonna be a list post. I love list posts. So, I’m gonna gather up some photos + make a list of my 10 favorite places on earth to celebrate Earth Day today.

Of course, these are only the places that I have visited… so far!

To be clear, I realize that I am super lucky. That I live in a country different from my brith + that I have had the amazing blessing to travel to many places. I also humbly recognize that I haven’t even begin to scratch the surface of this great, big, beautiful earth. So, now. On with the list of my 10 favorite places (so far) on this magical, beautiful green + blue planet that we call home.

Here we go. Let the countdown begin! (In no particular order… ’cause that’s just too damn impossible for me to do!)

Florida Keys


New York City



New Mexico

Sweden’s archipelago


Great Smoky Mountains

North Carolina coast

I could have kept posting photos all night long. Hehe. I have absolutely visited some magical places on the earth, and I am so very grateful for that. And whether it be the middle of nowhere, by the seaside, or the middle of a city, there is a certain, deep feeling of connection that I feel in these 10 places. A connection with Mother Nature and a sense of awe + wonder at just how beautiful this world is.

So, what are your favorite places on earth, my friends? Where would you like to visit? Share with me! Happy Earth Day!

xoxo. liz

* Feature photo is, of course, Uppsala… the city in Sweden in which I live. Of course, it is one of my favorite places on earth too. It’s my home!

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