11 reasons you just might need a life coach

Hello, my friends. And happy new week to you! As many of you know, I am a certified Life Coach. And I looooove what I do.


The question is… What exactly is it that I do? Am I right? Life Coaching is not something new, and yet, it’s also something that’s been kinda trendy lately. Although, I been doing it (without my fancy pansy life coaching certification) for my entire professional life. That’s like 20 years. I didn’t call it life coaching back then. And, in many ways, I only call it that now because I have a “title” and it seems to be something that people can relate to.


But, believe me, I have struggled with that title. A BUNCH. However, I have fully embraced it now. Only with some of my own twists and definitions and descriptions. One thing I really picked up in my training, with my other life coach colleagues, was that we were all so different. With different experiences, purposes, and goals. And that means that we define + do life coaching differently.


So, I figured that it was time for me to lay all of my life coaching stuff out there. To let you know where I come from, what I’ve done, and most importantly, what I believe life coaching is. You need to get to know me a bit before you decide if:

a). having a life coach is something that you need/want right now.

b). if you and I are a good fit. That is, does it seem like I have something to offer you at this point in your life. Am I the right life coach for you?


To help you answer all of those burning questions you have about life coaching, and who I am as a life coach, I am going to start a weekly series focused on giving you those answers. Think of it as a little “get to know Liz the Life Coach” kind of thing. Over the next few weeks, on Mondays, I am going to share my thoughts, experiences, education, beliefs, personality, and hopefully open up a dialogue between us.


I don’t want this whole life coaching thing to seem like just the trendy thing to do right now, or to seem like something that is from-frooey, or something that is just a plain mystery to you. I want you, should you or someone you know, to feel empowered + knowledgable about what a life coach is + how I “do” life coaching. I want you to know so that you can make an informed, confident decision about getting in touch with me, or any other life coach that might seem a better fit. So, let’s get started.


Today I want to share with you 11 reasons why you should have a life coach. I seriously believe this. At different points in our lives we all need a little outside ear to listen, frame, and help us find the answers that we already have tucked deep inside us. And, there are so many different reasons we may be searching for answers. And so many different moments in life that we find ourselves seeking a little guidance. Here are just a few of the common times in life when it just might be good to ring up your friendly neighborhood life coach (whether it’s me or someone else), to help you start to dig deep + find what you are seeking.


11 good reasons to meet with a Life Coach (there are many more!)

→ You have experienced a dramatic (good or bad) change in life lately

→ You find yourself pondering life questions

→ You are dissatisfied with work

→ You want to do something you feel passionate about

→ You want to improve your quality of life (health, love, work, spirituality, etc.)

→ You are questioning who you are, what you believe, and/or your values

→ You have peaked in what you set out to do and want to find something else that excites you

→ You are entering a new stage of life and want something meaningful to pursue

→ You feel you have a purpose or destiny in life and want to discover and fulfill it

→ You are simply ready for a change


What do you think? Do any of these reasons resonate with you? Or do you know someone who might be in one of these places in life? Hit me up with an email if you’d like to chat or ask questions. And, the first 30 minute consultation session is free! Stay tuned for next week’s post – I’ll be sharing my definition of life coaching. You know, in the end, it’s really all about creating the life that we want. Have a beautiful week, my lovelies!


xoxo. liz.


8 thoughts on “11 reasons you just might need a life coach

  1. Hi Liz! I can certainly say yes to many of these things you mentioned. My question is how a life coach (meaning you) would work with someone who is already seeing a therapist weekly. I can almost talk to my therapist like a friend. She just has that quality about her. However, I never feel like I get everything on a subject talked out even though our sessions are an hour long. While I’m sure that she wouldn’t want me having a life coach in addition to my therapy, the choice is really mine. So I’m really just curious to how and if a life coach could help someone who is in therapy? Thanks!

    1. Hello Tracy! I decided that, since I was replying to comments, I would give a very quick, short answer to you. There’s much more to say on the matter, which I will do in an upcoming post, but my initial thoughts are to point you toward the basic differences between counselors/therapists and life coaches. The main difference is the approach, in my opinion. Therapists are working with clients to solve mental health issues that have a deeper, often long-term impact on one’s life. The process is about working through issues and toward a stable sense of being, through many different forms of therapy and specializations. Life coaches work from the present moment and forward (not that there are not some forms of therapy that are present-based as well) and much more int he short-term. Life coaches are not trained (as a whole, but some are formally trained and some have professional experience) to do any form of therapy, but rather to listen, guide, and help clients decide on certain, concrete steps to take toward an active change in life. For me, because of my training, that includes spiritual guidance, existential questions as well (Who am I? Why am I here?, etc.).

      As for working with both, I think it is totally up to the individual. Therapy is helping to dig deep into issues and bring solutions to light, creating a more stable mental being; and life coaching can help in a completely different way by defining one specific goal and then working toward it. Not necessarily related to the therapy, but alongside, perhaps. Such as, if someone is suffering from depression and has a therapist to help talk through that and find strategies to live with depression; a life coach could also meet with that person to perhaps set have conversations about how to begin exercising more, or finding creative inspiration (things that bring one joy), through short-term, concrete goals and action steps to meet that goal.

      As a general rule, however, it would not be appropriate for me to coach at the same time one has a therapist, I think. Many times, the treatment/therapy is what a client should focus all of their attention on. Honestly, it’s a conversation that needs to be had between the coach and the client… to get to know where the client is in life at the moment, to discuss the purpose for the desire for specific change, and how that might run alongside/therapy. Not in competition with it.

      Personally, I know my boundaries. And that means that I know when I need to refer someone to another therapy beyond my abilities, not take on a client who already has a therapist, or work with a client who is in therapy. When there is a desire for specific change of a behavior or a desire to explore who was is and what one wants, then I can help. As a guide, mentor, and fellow pilgrim of life. If there is a deeper diagnosis, such as depression, substance abuse, personality disorders, eating disorders, etc., then I will refer a client to someone else. I have experience, but no specific training. However, as I said before, it really is a client-coach decision together. The main thing to know is that I cannot ethically (and will not) treat anyone. I will coach and guide and support and challenge and ponder. Make sense?

      That said, I am highly qualified as a life coach, as I have been coaching + guiding + mentoring + facilitating people as they make life decisions and life changes for the past 20 years of my professional life.

      Ok. So my answer wasn’t short, and kinda of jumbled up. I hope I made a little sense. As I said, I am working on organizing a post that deals with all of these questions (to be published on Monday). And, of course, if you have more questions, hit me up on Facebook in a message! We can chat more there!

      Take care, love. xx

    1. Hi doll! Read my long, crazy answer to Tracy above to get a little bit of clarity. You guys have inspired me to the max and I am working on a big post that discusses the difference – to be published on Monday! Sound ok?! xoxo

  2. For some reason the “like” button on your posts — my usual way of saying, “I was here, I read it, I liked it” — has been refusing to load so I’m randomly choosing this page to say I’m reading your posts and liking them 🙂 And nice list!

    1. Hehe! Thank you for letting me know! That means so very much to me, Leigh. Hope you are well. xoxo

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