a month or so ago, i had four different guest bloggers here on belovelive, and they blew my socks off with their inspiring and beautiful posts. as a result of that, one of them asked me to be a guest blogger for her blog. so cool! paige over at for the love of wanderlust invited me to write a post about… what else? travel! wanderlust! so, i did. and it is an honor to be featured on her blog. go on over & check it out. and then click the follow button so you can be sure to keep up with all of paige’s amazing photos and travel posts. paige is not only inspiring, but someone i consider a friend. and i can’t wait to meet her one day soon, i hope! isn’t the blogging world awesome?!

keep on wandering, fellow gypsies. peace.


You’re such a sweetheart, Liz. The feeling of friendship is mutual, and I hope to meet you and your wife when you movie back to The States!

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