my little creative dilemma.

i can’t decide what to do with my photo a day june challenge. too many options. let me break it down for you.

  1. i can share my photos daily on my blog (which i did in may), with a little reflection to go along with it. this is actually a really inspiring thing & gives me something to focus on every day.
  2. i can do an update weekly, which i did in april. this allowed me to post whatever i wanted every day, whatever came across my mind or inspired me that day. and then, at the end of the week i shared my instagram/photo a day challenge photos.
  3. or i could come up with some new creative new way to do my photo challenge…
  4. or i could skip posting my photo a day challenge pics here on my blog. you can always find my pics on pinterest or instagram. but, many of you don’t run in those 2 social media circles.

the thing is, i just bought my new nikon camera (which i loooove!) and i really want to get back into using a system camera again on a regular basis. don’t get me wrong, i love my new found iPhoneography addiction, but i need to find a balance. there’s room in my life for both my nikon & my iPhone. i have plenty of love to give to both of them. but, how?

perhaps i’m thinking too much. trying to plan too much. but, my daily photography has become sort of a spiritual discipline for me, so it is definitely something i want to continue.

you people are smart. got any ideas? you’ve got about 12 hours to come up with something, and then i begin posting/creating in whatever way i come up with. but, i’m really asking for your help. pleeeease.

june’s photo list. one more time. in case you want to join in. it’s so easy & so much fun! just snap photos & post them wherever you want. it is a really great way to connect with a new community of people & to improve your photography skills. so, you’re welcome to join me!

peace out.

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  1. Eeny Meeny Miny Mo before you head out the door in the morning 🙂 Or use a certain camera certain days of the week (maybe depending on whether or not you want to take the bigger camera to certain places). Please post on your blog.

  2. I personally LOVED your reflections each day on each particular photo for the day. It provided a deeper insight into your thoughts for that photo, which I really enjoyed. I think it would be fantastic to see photos from your Nikon, too, a way to change it up. Whichever and whatever you decide, I will be here taking it all in. (:

  3. You could just post the picture and a matching song. That would be a new quick creative way and then you can write about whatever you want. X

  4. hey all you chicas… thank you for the advice! i still haven’t decided what to do, so i’m gonna mix it up a bit either daily or weekly. but, have no fear, there WILL be pictures! thanks, again! 🙂

  5. Just reading the list it seems to me that you preferrred the first two — which of those resonates the most for you? I think we’ll all love it the most if you’re doing what feels best to you.

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