my magical clearing in the woods

i am still reeling from that crazy cosmic event on sunday/monday. did any of you see the blood moon and eclipse? i’ve heard from a few of you – so excited that you got to experience the magic. what about the rest of you? do tell!

i, of course, did not see anything. grrrr.

i set my alarm, got up, looked out the window… and saw clouds. i went out into the hall, thinking that perhaps there were only clouds on one side of my building. stupid, i know. but it was 3:45 am. and i was holding onto hope. nevertheless, there were clouds on the other side as well. and that was the side where the moon would be.

i climbed the round apartment building stairs up to the top floor, thinking that somehow i’d get above the clouds. not really. i did’t really think that. but, i was desperate. and still, nothing.

so, my love and i crawled back into bed. i searched the internet for some live streaming events and finally came upon something. just in time for the darkest time, the height of the eclipse. and it was awesome.

i intermittently got up out of bed and went to stand and the window, not seeing anything, but understanding that i could feel it all just the same. the moon was out there, whether i could see it or not. and perhaps there was some deeper meaning in all of that for me actually.

something about believing without seeing. knowing without understanding. feeling instead of watching.

i was awake for about 2 hours, through much of the entire eclipse. and, while, i didn’t get to capture any amazing photos or see the blood red moon myself, the energy still made its way all the way to me. just as it made it’s way to every single one of us.


after sleeping for a while in the morning, i rose to greet the new day. a new week. and many new things awaiting both my love + me.

i had the day off, so after going through some of my morning rituals, i decided to take advantage of the blue, sunshiny skies and take a bike ride. i may not have been outside enjoying the super moon the evening before, so i was going to get my nature fix during the day, while the moon was still full (even though it was daytime and i couldn’t see it).

i rode and rode and explored and wandered. i was gone only about an hour, but it was exactly what i needed. especially because i found a magical little clearing in the woods between two fields. i don’t know how long i stayed there. but, it must have been a while.

the birds were singing. the wind rustled the leaves. the colors were golden + warm. the sunshine, peeked in and out from behind the clouds. and i stood in this little circular opening and i felt completely alive.

autumn-path- golden-fields autumn-path-leaves bike-trees leaves-fall sunshine-trees-autumn

leaf-hand-trees tree-field field-uppsala path-field-uppsala nature-hombre-trees bike-trail-sunshine-autumn

it was the perfect celebration of autumn. of changes + traditions. of allowing + surrendering to all of the changes and traditions. of embracing a slow way of living. standing there, surrounded by mother nature, aware of the cosmic events that had taken place, i remembered to just be. that, come what may, whatever happens, life continues on. and i have all that i need.

does nature do this to you? where do you find peace and calm and reassurance and inspiration?

onwards + upwards! xoxo


8 thoughts on “my magical clearing in the woods

  1. Christian and I were in the car on the way home, coming from my parents. I took several pictures of the moon because it seemd to be specially big. Unfortunaly my phone does not make the best pictures so the moon doesn´t look as big in the pictures. We didn´t saw the eclips though.

    1. It’s so hard to get photos of the moon. I have never gotten one of those amazing up close ones. But, just seeing it is enough. So glad you saw the big moon too!

  2. What a perfect spot – and within a bicycle ride of your house! It sounds like a moment of heaven and perhaps exactly what you need in the midst of such fast-changing times. Hope both you and Lina are well and happy belated birthday!

    1. You are so aware and correct, dear Meghan. I need those rejuvenating moments right now. And natures seems to be the balm for my soul. Thank you for your love and wishes! xx

  3. Hey Liz, we got up after finding out late in the day (like at bedtime) about the eclipse. There were no clouds and Gemma and I went and stood outside our front door in dressing gowns (which is a maininsh road may I add!!) but the moon was HUGE but not red? Though, not red, so we enjoyed the huge moon for maybe 2minutes, then back to bed for me! What can I say, I like sleeping 🙂

    1. Haha! Well, good for you for just getting up! It was only red for a short amount of time around 3 or 4 am, not sure of the exact time for England. Anyway, it was just as beautiful to see it big and huge and full. Glad you experienced it! And I don’t blame you for heading back to bed… I was a girl obsessed. 😉

  4. Bwautiful!! I couldn’t see much of the moon from my apartment (NYC fail!) but it was stunning. Love your photos from the woods, what a gorgeous day.

    1. Thanks, girl! It was truly a beautiful little spot – which made up for me missing out on the eclipse too. 🙂

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