i know. i haven’t posted any NYC pictures… and i’ve been dying to! but I decided to take all my pics with my nikon camera & it takes longer to load them and, well, it’s NYC & there’s too much to do to hang out on the computer. so, there will be plenty of pics to post once I’m home in sweden!!

it’s been a fantastically fun time in NYC, NC, & the USA! but the time has come to a close… we’re flying home this afternoon. (can’t wait to snuggle with zola!!!) first, though, a little last minute shopping!!

have a great weekend! see ya from sweden!!


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  1. Cannot wait to hear all about your trip in more detail and with more pictures. Utterly jealous of your stint in the big city! Enjoy home!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time in the city, though I wish I would have stumbled here early because I would have suggested you use City Maps, it just came out and I am dying to try it out myself! Looks like you had a great time anyway. Next time!

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