ode to autumn.

is there anything better in autumn than a cozy, chilly, rainy day at home? outside the leaves are all golden, orange, red, and brown. the clouds hang thick and low. it’s as if you can see the hibernation process happening, even if you don’t see any movement. everything feels sleepy. life seems to move in slow motion on these kinds of days. and home is where the heart is. there is no desire to go out and tackle anything.

the only thing that you want to do is light a candle or make some soup. get a blanket and read a book. begin to make christmas lists and thanksgiving preparations. yeah, inside is the place to be. and you’re thankful to not have to be outside in the messiness. or, if you’re out in it all, you’re dreaming of the moment when you come home and shed your layers, slip on your slippers, and pad about your abode finding the perfect place to settle.

but you’re also thankful that the cold, gray days exist. these are the days that water the earth. that prepare all of nature for winter. yes, they are the days that remind us that death is inevitable, but with that remembrance, comes also an awareness of the promise of new life again one day in the distant future.

then again, there’s nothing like a brilliant, blue sky, bright sunshine, autumn day. the kind of day that energizes you and draws you outside like a magnet. the air is chilly in the shade. and the breeze makes it downright cold. but the sunshine, oh the sunshine, it warms your skin and brightens your mood. and the colors! those glorious autumn colors are so vivid and bright on these sunny days. you simply have to take a walk or a drive because it’s a sacrilege to stay indoors. these are the days that make you feel alive and hopeful. who cares that winter is around the corner because all that matters is the present moment. yes, autumn days filled with sunshine and color teach us the power of the present and remind us that to live in the present is to truly live.

no matter the weather, though, autumn is beautiful. and the only way to truly soak up the season is to pay attention to it. inside or outside, this season passes along its wisdom about life and death. so, we simply must find a way to slow down. to observe. to listen. and to just be.

what’s your favorite thing about autumn? 

breathe in the colors of love and peace.

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  1. Amazing photos, as always! I love the colors and EVERYTHING pumpkin favored! I had a pumpkin pie bagel today- DELICIOUS! 🙂

    1. I just bought pumpkin pie bagels! Hehe! Thank you for your sweet comments, as always! Love to you. xx

  2. My favourite thing: the colours! It’s been years since I’ve been through a New England autumn and I have been blown away. Driving around with my mouth wide open, amazed by the pure beauty of the whole thing!

    1. I know. It is truly a sight to behold. Sometimes it’s so beautiful outside I say that it hurts my eyes – it’s like being speechless, I suppose. Am I weird? I’ve never been to New England in the autumn. I’d love to!

  3. I had that day today after waking up with another murderous hangover. Haven’t had a “stay-at-home-day” in a while. Usually I feel sad when I have to stay indoors all day long (as the bustling city is right outside) but today was just one of those days and it felt so right. And looky, now Thanksgiving is only 1 1/2 weeks away!

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