off to the nation’s capital!

it’s time for a little road trip! and we’re headed to Washington, D.C.!! (actually, we are already here now… i didn’t have time to squeeze in a post this morning before leaving). we took off early with lina’s parents, drove through the north carolina and virginia mountains, and arrived here just in time for dinner. we will be here for about 4 days before they head back to sweden. it’s been a long time since i’ve been to dc, and i was really young the last time i spent some real time here, so my excitement level is tiptop! i cannot wait to revisit all of the historical and the touristy spots all over the city, wander in georgetown, visit arlington cemetery, eat yummy food, and take tons of photos!

so, friends, that’s all from me this sunday evening. time to find a great restaurant and start our little holiday! here’s to wishing you a beautiful week ahead. i’ll be in touch + share a photo or two!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

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