meditation mondays: shouting yes to the moon

can you believe that it was FIVE weeks ago that we began advent, that dark, dark winter journey? i was really into the darkness… partly by choice, by intentionally choosing to allow myself to sit in it + ponder it. but, partly not by choice. somehow, life just seemed to take on this darkness for me. a heaviness, a tiredness, and a feeling that i was just there. it wasn’t hopelessness, mind you, but simply not really fun. i mean, i had some fun and enjoyed some moments, but the inside of me, my head + my heart, felt a bit dark. i most definitely emotionally + spiritually matched the season. and, i’m actually quite grateful for that.

i’m grateful, because that has made me even more attuned to and appreciative of the light. it made me slow down and simply be present.

literally + figuratively, light has returned to this part of the earth. the winter solstice was a beautiful day for me, where i sat alone + let the morning light, after the longest night of the year creep, over me. i basked in that light and felt its energy. i felt a shift, inside me and in the natural world. and, since then, that light has just burned brighter + brighter, with the celebration of the holidays and the gatherings that i have been able to enjoy over the past light-giving weeks.

i knew it would come. the light. and it did.

but, now what? now that it’s a new year and we are journeying toward more and more light every day, now that we can see it and feel it and soak it up as the days get longer, what do we do with the light? how do we deal with the energy shift and all of the new possibilities around us?

for me, it’s all about a great big yes.

for me,  at this time of the year, when we have left the dark days before christmas/the solstice behind and embarked on a new year, it’s all about how we decide to manifest, or put that light and excitement and joy into action. what do we intend to do with it? how are we going to use the warmth and comfort and hope that it brings us? better yet, are we going to use it? or will we just keep on plugging on, thinking and acting like we are still in the dark?

yep. i believe that after all of these festivities have died down, and “regular” life resumes again, it’s time to consider how we might become the light.


and i truly believe that the best way to bring forth light in our lives is by saying yes. yes to not only being aware of the light, but to actually becoming the light.

amazingly, as I write this meditation we are in the midst of a full moon. the light of it is shining and glowing and reminding me that we can shed our old ways of being. a new time in our lives is being ushered in, with boundless creativity + opportunity do we have the courage to let go of old ways + move forward? it’s up to each of us to decide how we want to live our lives. it’s up to each of us to say YES!

we say yes to living life to the fullest. yes to knowing that things aren’t always the way that we want them to be, but that we have power + control over how we live through each moment. yes to choosing to wake up each day expecting and creating the best. yes to learning how to be present. yes to choosing to believe in dreams and the impossible. yes to standing up and speaking our minds. yes to spreading love. yes to truly believing that we can do it – and by it, i mean anything we want.

saying yes makes us light bearers. it transforms us into people who naturally spread light and love and joy. i want to be one of those people that others are around and simply feel… good. about the moment. about themselves. about everything.

so, what to do with all of that light that is coming into our lives, friends? well, first we just soak it up + enjoy it + let it fill us. then, we share it. we become it.

it’s a new year and we all have new hopes + goals + dreams. and today there that big, beautiful, full moon… a big, bright, beautiful ball of reflected light shining in the sky. and, no matter where we are, we are touched by its light… we are inspired by its simplicity and ability to be true to itself every single night. now, isn’t it about time that we trusted our own souls, that we trusted the light that is within us, and shouted out a great big YES to the world?! go outside tonight and do it. go shout out your YES to the moon!

onwards + upwards! xoxo

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