on the move again.


“We carried bottled water and day packs and cameras, except for Fred, who said he didn’t believe in taking photographs; he planned to store his memories in his head, an idea I found incomprehensibly radical. My impulse to record was almost on par with my impulse to travel”
― Elisabeth EavesWanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents

i fell in love with this quote (since i totally agree with the author’s impulse to travel & her incessant need to photography everything, all the time), and i just wanted to share it with y’all today, as we pack up our beachy things and head back to the mountains. yes, we’re on the move again, and time to go home and really get settled into our new asheville life. i am truly, truly looking forward to whatever comes next! (though, of course, i’m a little scared too. hehe.)

happy travels, wherever you go today. even if it’s just down the road. or even if it’s only in your mind.

love & peace.

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  1. Hey Liz & Lina,

    Been a while since I replied. Following your adventures & really have fingers-crossed no one confronts you.Our long-term ended & I’ve been looking for new digs. My situation made harder with me being a new, at-home biz (no constant income), + I need my kids near public transport + new owner okay with at-home biz…& I actually found it- tho place is smaller. I also am taking on a a mate of my son who needs a room- soooo my daughter & I shall share for now.

    Will reply as internet allows. I am being plopped into limbo-land later this week.


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