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lovelyblogaward i woke the other morning to find that i have started getting some comments on my blog again. this transfer to a self-hosted website comes with some consequences… namely, losing blog followers + comments + such. basically, the correspondence with others that i have built up over the years. of course, that makes me quite sad. but, i’ve been holding out, hoping that people will re-discover (or discover!) my blog + new relationships can form once again. if you have been following me for a while, you know that i take my blogging relationships very seriously, and anytime i have a chance to meet a fellow blogger, i do!

so, finding some old friends who have followed me over to the new site + begun leaving a few comments fills my soul with gratitude and joy! one of those comments came from an asheville friend, who i have not been able to spend much time with, but we continually keep up with each other.

in her comment, she told me that she had nominated me for the one lovely blog award, which is a great honor to me! i am so moved by someone who expresses her love of reading my blog, not because it is about pumping my ego up, but because it lets me know that what i write, what i put out there, does make a difference to someone in some way. and, that, my friends, is all that i wish for with this website. i simply wish to share my thoughts, my life, my light with each of you – not because i have everything figured out… clearly i don’t. but, because, our stories are all the same. and when we share our stories with each other, we find inspiration and courage and bravery,, and all the things that we need to continue to follow our own paths in life. we give each other that extra push + support to be secure in living the life that we are called to live, in our own ways.

so, to hear from this friend that my blog is one that she finds inspiration from is more than i could ever hope to hear. and i am so honored.

i’ll not go through all of the rules, but i will simply pay it forward by introducing you to some of my daily reads: people who inspire me + have become a joy to share some time with through their words + images.

  • – this is my love’s website. everything about her is inspiring + amazing. she’s a graphic designer + blogger, and i am one proud wifey. enough said.
  • the holly pocket – i’ve been following this dear for years, and i can’t wait to meet her one day. she’s getting into a new blogging groove + i just love following her life. she’s no holds barred, taking life by the horns. i love it.
  • bloodstream – her site is gorgeous. she’s all about life, photos, tips, even podcasts, travel, home. things that i all love to pieces. plus, her sit is gorgeous… did i say that?
  • snappystreet – i’ve got a lot of australian instagram buddies, and one of them is snappy street, a fantastic sydneysider who photographs + captures here everyday life in australia. gorgeous photos that make me wanna hop a plane to australia asap.
  • mystic mamma – a new site that i visit fairly frequently. very earthly, energetically, mystically inspiring.

there ya go! hope you visit some of these site and find them just as beautiful and inspiring as i do. and, if you have any websites/blogs that you simply adore, please leave me a comment and let me know. i’m looking to revamp my followed blogs list with the new year. so, any new ones that i can add will be greatly welcomed. thanks, again, to shayla for the one lovely blog award!

ok. enough blogging stuff today. i’ve got baking + wrapping + other christmas-y things to do. happy christmas eve eve, friends!


light + love xoxo

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