pep talk.

good morning!

it’s back to business again today. alas, spring break has ended, i had to wake up to my alarm clock, and 9 more weeks of swedish classes lie ahead of me. could be fun? right?  i’m trying to think positively. so, 9 more weeks. and then, summer! that’s only 8 more mondays! it’s just that i had a lot of swedish practice outside of school during spring break, and i feel that i’m going to learn better at this point in the middle of life. not in my inconsistently-teacher-led class. give me real life instead! give me an internship! (i’m working on that possibility. yes!) still, i have more work to do with my fellow immigrants. i have more to learn. it could be good. it will be good. yes. i’m giving myself a pep talk this morning…

and i’m dreaming of being here. this is my motivation…

here’s to wishing everyone a great tuesday!


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