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  • life


    midas and i met when we started studying swedish together about 4ish months after we both moved here. well, his wife moved too. they moved from the netherlands/holland (i am sorry, even though they’ve…

    3 Jul 2013
  • year summaries

    counting down the hours.

    looking back over this year, i realize that it has been truly, truly amazing! i have completed my first full year as a resident of sweden, traveled around the world some, learned a new…

    31 Dec 2011
  • life

    the last day.

    today i finished my swedish course!!! and it feels amazing and sad all at the same time. every time something changes, something ends or something new begins, i have to take it all in.…

    22 Jun 2011
  • i didn’t set the alarm.

    ok. the verdict is in. i stayed home. no school for me today. but, it’s not all laziness.. i’ve gotta lot of things to do! happy tuesday! peace.…

    21 Jun 2011
  • life

    would you like some cheese with your w(h)ine?

    one of the things I love about being an international, bi-lingual couple is the opportunity to teach each other sayings & phrases in our home languages. tonight, my love wanted something or was complaining…

    20 Jun 2011
  • stockholm sweden

    stockholm field trip.

     well, when i got to stockholm today it was cloudy & rainy. hmpf.  it’s such a beautiful place. so, stockholm, please give me some of your summertime beauty!!  it may have been rainy, but…

    8 Jun 2011
  • culture

    different people. same spirit.

    to be honest with you, i’m not really concerned with who believes in what. you believe in jesus? great. you don’t? ok. you are buddhist? fine. you worship allah? good. you believe in humans?…

    8 Jun 2011