Being present. Day 4: Get creative + live in the moment

In Sweden, we call Wednesday “Little Saturday”. I’ve never really heard the reason, but I am assuming that it has something to do with the American version of “hump day”. It’s the middle of the week, we’ve made it this far, and we’re well on our way towards the weekend. So, why not celebrate?! Right?! You know, I am a full believe in observing Little Saturday + hump day + wine Wednesday + whatever else you can throw my way. So, for today’s Advent focus, I thought we’d celebrate by getting creative + lightening it up a little bit.

Besides, no one ever said that slowing down + being present had to be boring, right? I mean, there’s no rule about that. In fact, in living a life of presence, we learn embrace all moments + create joy in everything we experience.

And being present doesn’t mean that we have to spend our lives sitting on a yoga mat or in prayer. In fact, that’s just the beginning, that’s just an opening into being present. A life of presence means exactly that – living every single moment in a slow, mindful way. Aware + awake. So, whether we are having a cozy, dark morning meditation or laughing our asses off with drinks in our hands on Little Saturday or anything in between, the focus is that we are truly present right where we are. Fully + completely in that moment.

One of the ways that I can be fully + completely in the moment is to create. Writing + taking photos are probably two of the most creative (and fun) ways that I can be present. And, I am lucky because I am a married to another creative, so we get to share many of these moments together.

Yes, Lina + I share a love for creating, but we have totally different gifts + skills, I’d say. However, that makes for amazing collaboration – and tons of fun. We both love images, photos + videos, so, as many of you know, we have our own YouTube channel. And we absolutely love creating videos with my love – everything from traveling to beer brewing to home vlogs.

I have to admit that we haven’t posted that many videos since summer, but the other Sunday, Lina suggested that we film during our holiday decorating at home. Always up for that, I was like, “YEAH!”. So, we set up all of our gear + got it done.

Afterwards, Lina sat + edited the video, so now we have a fresh new video to share with y’all!

The whole point of all of this is that in sharing this holiday decorating afternoon with my love, we found a creative way to be present – with each other + in the midst of the holiday season. There was no pressure. We just enjoyed our moments together + soaked in the process of making our home ready for the season.

So, here you go… see what we did + how we decorated our home! And, thanks to my amazing wife who did all of the editing. Now, enjoy!


Cheers to Little Saturday! xoxo. liz.



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