reynolds shenanigans. just getting started.

shenanigans: silly or high-spirited behavior; mischief.

my cousin has this word that she uses quite often, and when she was here just before christmas, she (we) used it quite a bit. “shenanigans.” awesome word, huh? for the reynolds family, it’s all about our shenanigans = the things we get ourselves in to. the adventures. the quirky, crazy things. the hilarious, unexpected moments that define us as a kooky and wonderful family.

in honor of my cousin, i dedicate the next few posts to all of the shenanigans that i’ve/we’ve gotten myself/ourselves into since i’ve been here in the states. and now, the  photos!

first night in the states!
first night in the states!
christmas tree hunting experience. yes. we’re camera happy people.
check out that amazing-ness. i love these mountains.
tree farm
the perfect tree is out there.
i’m behind the wheel again!!
waynesville, north carolina. main street in a small town.
which tags?!
can’t decide which tags to buy. gaaahh.
wrapping central
wrapping central.
the tree is up and inside!
morning quiet time on the porch.

part 2 coming soon! peace.

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