Rituals + Routines: School’s back in session

In my last post, I shared that this slow, different, Covid-19 summer in Sweden taught me the rhythm of my soul in a very real , concrete way. I ended my vacation literally feeling + living the rhythms of my soul. But, now, work has begun again. The rhythm of everyday life has returned. And, with it, the return of a feeling of exhaustion + chaos to be honest. So, after one week back with my high school students, I realize that I need to just stop. Before things get out of hand + I get all wrapped up in feeling balanced at home and frazzled at work, I need to take some time to return, reinvent, and reimagine the rituals + routines that will bring a slow, calm, steady vibe to my soul no matter where I am.

Luckily, it’s late August and the energy of this time of year is perfect for what I need.

After working from home for 3 months, I established some deep, soul-led rituals + routines that I knew were how I was meant to live my life. Quarantine became a lesson in embodying the contemplative life that I feel called to live. Of course it was super easy to bring my rituals + routines to life in the middle of quarantine + summer vacation.

a few photos from my quarantine/work from home period

The challenge comes now. But, I’m not worried. I’ve had half of a year to practice + learn. I know how I want my days to be, how I want to live, the vibe I want to bring to everything I do, the energy that I want to send out.

The thing is… my first week of work with my students was pure chaos + exhaustion. It was simply as it always is during the first week of school in my role as a mentor/life coach/guide.

Admittedly, it was a bit of extra chaos this year because we’ve moved to a new school, of which only half of the building is usable for the next week and a half. It’s also extra chaotic because of the stupid pandemic that rages on, which challenges us to create safe, socially distanced spaces for everyone. Thereby leaving us no choice but to have some classes remote + online again. Not fun.

And during the chaos this past week, I realized pretty fast that I had no routine. No balance. No downtime. I’ve run from one thing to the next, only to take two steps + then be greeted by another need. I’ve slept terribly. And I’ve answered questions from my confused + stressed babies (my students) at all hours.

All of these things I have truly loved doing (minus the shitty sleep). And all of these things are precisely how my work should be (minus the pandemic) during the first week of school when my students’ well-being, needs, and questions take center stage. My only goal the first week is always to just be there for my students. To ensure a smooth start, a sense of belonging, and a deep feeling of safety + acceptance. And I tried my best to do just that.

However, now the first week is over! Can I get an Amen?! In all reality, the chaos is not over, but now is the time that I say: “no more!”. It’s time for me slow it all down at work, take back the reins, + return to my center. It’s time for me to return to my rituals + routines. To find a way to embody all that I lived during the past 6 months in the middle of “regular” life again. So that I’m not living from chaos, but from that stable space where I feel grounded + focused. Where I build and create, rather than react + run around.

Honestly, there is always an element of crisis response + a need for constant flexibility in my work, but now that the first week is done, I can return to prioritizing myself. My well-being. My anchoring. Not to be selfish, but to be centered. So that I can then be the best support to my babies + my colleagues + my family.

It is necessary for me to first connect with my soul, to live slowly, and to be grounded in the present so I can face whatever crisis, question, or opportunity the next moment presents. I want to offer wisdom, calmness, and stability to anyone whose life may be full of chaos.

So, starting now, I’m letting my rituals + routines take center stage again.

As I mentioned above, late August, the end of summer, and the coming autumn season is the perfect time to focus on finding our way back to our center, finding new ways to be effective. It’s a time for organizing, grounding, and establishing new habits. All of nature calls us to slow down, to prepare for the season ahead, and to return to everyday life. The challenge is to do all of this in a way that is soul-led, bringing balance + calm + deeper meaning to everything we do. Now is the time to establish, discover, create, and return to those rituals + routines that bring us stability, comfort, and inspiration.

Let’s face it, life has been a mess this year. 2020 is shaking everything up from way deep within us all. We are all, the whole entire world, experiencing upheaval, chaos, and pain in our own ways – right in the middle of our lives. This time of year is here to help us get ourselves + our lives back on track. Should we take the time to use the practical, organized vibes that help us return to school + work in our spiritual, soulful selves as well, then we will undoubtedly find a deep sense of calm even in the midst of chaos.

Now is the time to get down to business. To get back down to earth, literally, so that we find a sense of grounding + anchoring that will keep us centered from day to day, moment to moment, all the way through the dark seasons of autumn + winter.

Join me for the next few weeks in committing to returning to your soul. To letting the routines + rituals of living a slow, mystical life in rhythm with the seasons ground you + bring you home. Even in a chaotic year like 2020.

Sending you calm, slow, grounding energy. xoxo. liz.

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