September decorating: How I create that cozy mood at home

It may still be late summer, but autumn is just around the corner + I am really starting to settle into September now. So… that means that it’s time to do a little seasonal decorating. And to create that cozy September mood, I have a few go-to things that have to be a part of my seasonal decorating. Mind you, this is the month where we change seasons, and all month long there is this slow shift from late summer to the start of autumn on the equinox in mid-late September. That means that my decorating isn’t over-the-top, in-your-face fall decorating. Instead, it’s a subtle, earthy, cozy vibe that I’m after. Something that helps me bridge the seasons and really drop into the slow, shifting mood of this month.

The release of one season + crossing over into another during September means that the weather just might be a little crazy if you live in a place with four distinct seasons. Here in Sweden, one day it’s warm, golden sun and deep blue September skies – a reminder that it is still late summer and a call to get outside and soak up all the sun + light that I can. The next few days it’s gray, chilly, breezy, and I know that autumn is on its way. These are the days that I just want to stay in, wrap up in blankets, and light candles. I want to bake something with apples and sip on hot drinks.

So, my decorating goal for September includes a simple balance, a subtle blending of the seasons. Not too much summer, but also not too much autumn. I’ve gotta save some autumn decorating for magical, mysterious mood October + dark, warm mood of November.

Here are my go-to September decorating tips. The simple things I use to create that slow, cozy mood at home to help me shift from one season to the next.

candles: warm, welcoming + the perfect cozy light

pillows + blankets: for those cozy early autumn nights

apples + pumpkins: the classic taste + color of the season

dried flowers: to symbolize the harvest season + turning inward

Obviously, in my home this year, the main colors I am using to create that September mood are earthy, neutral colors (with a pop of red + orange from apples + pumpkins.). It’s hard to know what colors are “best” for September – or for any month, for that matter. I say that they are the colors that give you the most connection with the vibe of the season, the colors that help put you in the mood + draw you into the rhythm of nature’s cycle during each season.

For us, we have chosen these muted, natural colors: beige, brown, and gold with a bit of green, rust, and orange to give that extra little autumn feel. The mood that we want to create in our home is warm, cozy, and calm. So, as September began last week, we changed our pillow covers, bed covers, and pulled out a few more blankets for those chilly nordic nights that are slowly creeping in. We also bought some warm, neutral-colored candles and a few bunches of dried + fake flowers, which I put together for a table setting. And, of course, we picked up a couple of small pumpkins – we’re saving the big ones for October’s mood.

And there you have it. My seasonal decorating to set the September mood in my home. Again, there is no right or wrong. There is only tapping into whatever helps you drop into the slow, shift of the seasons during September. If you’re ready to go all in with autumn – do it + enjoy it! If you are still hanging onto late summer, soak it all up while you can. Just do whatever speaks most to your soul. But, do take a little bit of time to prepare your home for this month/this season. It will make everyday life just a little bit more magical + a lot more meaningful.

And, I guarantee that you will feel aligned with the rhythm of nature… and that will give a deep sense of calm, trust, and peace as the seasons change + life continues on.

Keep sinking into September, loves. We’re approaching the center of the month soon. xoxo. liz.

4 thoughts on “September decorating: How I create that cozy mood at home

  1. I always enjoy your posts about seasons. I’ve lived almost all of my life in the tropics, so everything you describe is foreign to me. My daughter recently moved to a place with four seasons, so I’ve been sharing some of your insights with her – especially about the season of late summer. It’s helpful for those of us with no frame of reference for changing seasons. And your home is gorgeous!

    1. Oh, I am so glad that my seasonal posts “reach” you even if the seasons don’t. 😉 And how sweet and fantastic that you share some of my thoughts with your daughter. I’m so honored on both accounts!

      We are definitely in love with our new home here. Feels so absolutely right right now.

  2. Your new home is gorgeous! So happy for you to be on these new adventures! You always help put me in the mood for the seasons as well, because moving forward can be hard for someone who never feels like she’s quite done with moments before they’re gone. You are so inspiring and always such a big help and motivator. I also like living life slowly, so here’s a little hug from me, across the sea. 🙂

    1. Liz, you’re so kind to say that! We are absolutely loving our place here and looking forward to whatever may come next. 🙂 I am so touched that my posts spark a little seasonal vibe for you – that’s my purpose, so that’s the best thing I could hear! Moving slowly through the seasons + really trying to soak them in has done wonders for me in learning to let go + move onward – not just in life, but also in the seasons. I’ve also been someone who found it super hard to let go of the season I was in. But, now, I find that I am almost always ready for the shift. Sending you lots of love + and a big ole hug right back! <3

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