Mood of the month: September is a slow shift

Welcome to September! I don’t know about you, but I am so excited about this month that I can hardly stand it. For one thing, we are now ushering in my favorite time of year. But, before we get into all of that, I just need to take a minute and really release August. August was absolutely crazy in our household. Just as we really wanted to start to settle into our new home after the carefree month of July, we found ourselves having to travel up to Uppsala week after week. I think I was traveling at a minimum of once every week all throughout August. And, quite a few of those times, Lina + I stayed for a few nights away from home. Soooo… I could not be any more ready for the mood that September brings. Ok. Let’s get right to that setting that September mood, how ’bout it?

If you missed my post yesterday, then you may have missed what my plan is for the next few months. Lemme give you a super quick rundown:

Each month has its own energy and I want to drop even deeper into the mood of each month. So, starting right now, in September, I am opening up a monthly guided journey through this new blog and Instagram series that I have created. All I am going to do is post my own reflections, thoughts, tips, rituals, ideas, and simple everyday life shit 6 times throughout each month – all focused on how I am creating my own slow, mindful way to connect with mood of the month.

This post is dedicated to settling into the mood of September, so let’s jump into it!

There is a lot that happens in nature this month, so I feel like this month’s theme is focused on shifting. And, as I mentioned before, I am ready to shift out of August + into a more settled life. But, the shift this month is more than that, it is actually the movement of nature from the end of summer into the beginning of autumn. Nothing is the same at the end of the month. Everything has shifted, changed, transformed. And I believe that if I tap into the mood of September, then I too will be changed by the end of this monthly cycle.

So, let’s set the mood, now.

Think: Sunflowers. Long, golden patches of warm sunlight. Sweet, thick wildflower honey. Deep, muted, earthy tones of rust, brown, beige, dark green, golden yellow. The tones of Late Summer + Early Autumn. Imagine the waning sunlight, the days growing ever shorter and there is a chill in the night air. Perhaps, even during a day or two as well. It is during this month that I begin to feel the energy pulling me inward + homeward. It’s the time that I pull out blankets, gather big mugs of warm concoctions to soothe my soul, and invite the soft glow of candlelight back into my daily life.

I find that, just like nature, I am shifting as well. I find it easier to return to my morning rituals and I am inspired to contemplate all that has grown within me this year before planting the seeds for my dreams in the future. It is a time that I feel like finding a quiet balance in life.

The mood is cozy, soft, and slow. Like blankets + mugs. Hunkering down to allow the shift of the seasons to occur naturally. Coming home to my own center of balance.

As the last week of September arrives, autumn will be well on its way. Leaves will have begun to change + slowly begin to fall to the ground. And It will be time to begin to surrender to the darkness. But, first I want to soak up the slow transition of the seasons I want to really feel into the slow shift that is so often ignored as I get caught up in my everyday life. This September I want to be aware, present, outside in nature, inside under my blankets, carrying a journal with me, gathering + harvesting all of my thoughts from this year, preparing my home + my soul for the dark, mystical months ahead.

Join me, if you’d life to feel the shift too. Allow the cozy, balanced, earthy mood of sweet September soak into your soul. Let September’s mood guide you from the earthy, hippie, golden vibes of late summer and carry you into the cozy, inward, magical darkness of autumn.

Now, grab a blanket + a mug + set the mood. There’s no rush. Just take it slow. xoxo. liz.

Set the mood with music: September’s playlist is here.

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