shifting energies: time to reorganize + redecorate

when life brings about lots of changes (and life has certainly done that to me lately, with more to come), sometimes it feels good to do something physical to outwardly express all of it. a kind of symbolic way of cleaning out, readjusting, and shifting energies around. a chance to create a new beginning. or sometimes, i just know that i need some new inspiration.

one of the easiest, most concrete ways for me to bring about a fresh, new feeling of positivity and motivation is to makes some changes in my home. 

growing up, my mom and i would get a little restless every now + then. we’d ease that restlessness and desire for change by rearranging the furniture. sometimes in the living room/den only. sometimes we would switch whole rooms and change things all over the house. and, mind you, when we had this urge, we needed to do it immediately. so we did. it was a tad bit spontaneous, but it always felt inspiring. it was like moving (which we have done a lot of), but not so extreme of course. still, we got that fresh, new perspective and revitalized energy that we were craving. like beginning again.

today, i still get the rearranging bug. and my love gets the reorganizing bug. we both have times that we feel that it would be good to “start over”. luckily, rearranging + reorganizing go well together. though, i must admit that my love has way more motivation for the reorganizing, cleaning out mode. i’d just move things around. lina really opens up, cleans out, and straightens up. she’s way more thorough than i am.

with the changing of the seasons upon us, this past weekend, she decided that it was time to move our summer stuff down to the basement and bring our autumn stuff up. clothes, shoes, jackets, etc.

and i soon realized that this was also the perfect timing for us to do this – as things in our life are shifting and changing. new routines, new responsibilities, new challenges. it was time to express all of that energy in our home. time to give us a new perspective, to clear out old energies, and invite some new energy in. so, thanks to my love’s motivation + organizational skills, we now have a freshened up apartment. spiffed up. organized. with lots of new, powerful, positive energy flowing through it.

take a peek at some of what we did:

lights around the window – the dark, cozy season is on its way


vintage maps hung in our little sleeping alcove
maps alcove home
new art hung on the wall above/beside our sofasofa-art-uppsala-home
the rug turned upside down to give a clean, simple look + warmer blankets/pillows out for cozy nightsliving-room-uppsala-home
a new calendar on the wall

calendar home kitchen

so, how do you deal with change? do you enjoy rearranging things in your home?

you know, it doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy anything. most of the changes that we make are always just shifting things around that we already have. it totally gives a new vibe and a new feel to old stuff.  in fact, the only thing that we bought for this little apartment energy shift was the calendar (from here) and the lights (from here).

now, my love + i feel all cozy and inspired in our home. the energy has moved around + we are ready to tackle whatever life throws at us. and we are so very grateful for having this safe place, this sanctuary, that we call home.

onwards + upwards!

6 thoughts on “shifting energies: time to reorganize + redecorate

  1. Your home looks beautiful! When I was a kid I used to rearrange furniture almost every three months; first just my room, but then I got approval to go after the living spaces too. Now I only rearrange my office on a regular basis, usually when I am about to start a new story-it gives, like you said, a new inspiration.

    1. Hello Melly! Thank you so much! Oh, it sounds like you and I were exactly alike when we were younger. the older I got, the bolder I got, and my mom gave me free reign on changing rooms all over the house. I once even turned a guest bedroom into my own private den. I have no idea how I convinces my parents of that. Ha! Thanks so much for commenting. 🙂

  2. Your home is so snug and cozy! I’d love to move things around but we’re in such a specific space it’s hard to make too many adjustments. But you inspired me – lights, art, pillows..those we can change!! Yay for new beginnings in autumn. xx

    1. We don’t move furniture around at all in our current apartment. We live quite small as well. But, those little decorative changes + touches do so much for me. Good luck in your little home changes! (Oh, I just thought about your fire escape… I saw it in a photo a few weeks ago. It’s soooooo cozy. Just had to share that!).xoxo

  3. Ooo you’ve inspired me to get some twinkly lights out over the weekend and finally frame and hang a whole load of wedding photos I’ve had printed!!

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