some things you’ll see around town. dublin 2.0.


christ church cathedral. so beautiful. founded c. 1030. that’s old.

the famous st. patrick’s cathedral. it is said that here, on the ground where this cathedral is today, is where patrick first baptized some of the irish… the same people who kidnapped him when he was a teenager and treated him as a slave. he returned after he was set free to share with them a message of love & forgiveness. he met them where they were, as they were (pagans), and used their traditions to teach them about jesus. if only christians today could follow patrick’s example…

st. patrick.

this is a cool mural depicting the last supper, but modernized. women, men, multicultural, truly diverse. super cool!

celtic high cross. love them.


st. george’s park.

 trinity college. i got to see the book of keels!!!

(it’s a famous bible, illustrated and written by monks around the 4th century. they spent their whole lives working on it. and today, it is a work of art. stunning!)

on the streets of dublin… 

a cozy cafe for lunch.

fall in dublin.

peppermint mocha from starbucks! a little taste of heaven.

we found something we want to add to our apartment. a budda bag. the biggest, most comfy bean bag chair EVER!

visited a funky, second-hand market where everyone was dressed up for halloween. crazy dubliners!

inside the second-hand market.

a burst of irish rain. typical. (then the sun came out again!)

a store named after ME!!! thanks, n, for the surprise visit!

there are cool bridges stretching across the river/canal to help you get from one side of the city to the other.


0 thoughts on “some things you’ll see around town. dublin 2.0.

  1. Another round of great pictures! The park is called St. Steven’s Green though 🙂 but with shoving a million expressions/information/sites in you in only three days I’ll forgive you that.

  2. Loving these pictures!! Just started following your blog and I love it. Beautiful photos & words. I am Lindsey’s (mike’s sister) lol..

    1. hey christy! thanks! so cool that you are following! you have a blog, don’t you? let me know what it is so i can check it out too!

    1. thanks, C! that’s my plan… to share my trips with you all so you can feel like you were a part. or experience places vicariously. i get my fix by following yours & other people’s blogs. 🙂 xo

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