i gotta begin here. dublin 1.0

here they come! the ireland posts and pictures! and i gotta begin with one of the things that the irish (especially dubliners) are most proud of… guinness!! yep. that dark, stout, creamy, yummy, irish beer. after arriving thursday night and being picked up at the airport (luxury!), we made it to n & c’s apartment in central dublin. it had been a long day for all of us, so after a quick, typical, irish warm-you-up, end-of-the-day whisky tea, we headed to bed. in the morning it was time to hit the streets! first stop: the guinness storehouse (brewery). it just happened to be across the street/river from the apartment, so our weekend started with irish beer. not a bad beginning, i’d say. hehe.

yes. i said it before. the irish are proud of their guinness.

look at this incredible weather! what a beautiful river in beautiful dublin.

on our way…

arthur guinness believed so deeply in the beer he was creating, that when he moved to dublin, he signed a 9,000 year contract!!!

 in case you are wondering…

fresh, clean water. one of the 5 important ingredients in guinness beer.

i felt a little artsy. that’s dublin you see through the letters. lovely: another word to describe guinness.

the tour of the brewery ends up high, overlooking dublin at the gravity bar.

waiting at the top is not only a 360 degree view of dublin, but a free pint of beer. ok. it was included in the cost, but you pay nothing when you get to the gravity bar, so it feels free. hehe.

lina & n.

three pints, please!

read the sign in the window. =)

oh, we are just getting started. there is so much more of dublin to see!! what a fun & funky city. and we packed in so much in 3 days! loved every minute of it too!

peace, my friends.

0 thoughts on “i gotta begin here. dublin 1.0

  1. I love your pictures. You really have a gift for photography. I have to say it again it was great to have you here!!!

  2. Thank you, Nicole! I looove to take pictures. I wish I could write & take pictures for a living – that would be a photojournalist, wouldn’t it? Hehe.

    I could say it over & over again…. it wa AMAZING to be there with you & Chris! We had a wonderful time and we thank you so much for sharing with us such a fantastic weekend! Love you! xoxo

  3. Kul att Ă„terse Trinity College med Book of Kells och Howth, dĂ€r jag har skĂ„dat fĂ„glar en gĂ„ng i tiden. PĂ„minner mig om nĂ€r jag var 22 och luffade runt pĂ„ Irland. Jag Ă€lskar grönskan, klipporna och havet. Det Ă€r Ă€nnu vackrare pĂ„ sydvĂ€stra sidan. Killarney och Slea Head, vill dit igen….!

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