Sometimes the inspiration just flows // Songs for day #126-132

It’s almost weekend, y’all! And I’m here to provide you with a little music to ease you into that weekend feeling whether you’re working or not.


This little year-long playlist project is turning into a weekly look back session for me. And, if you’ve been around this blog for a while, you’ll know that I’ve had a weekly update post for the past few years. A chance to go back through my week, ponder what’s happened, and share with you all little snippets and thoughts from my everyday life. However, this year, so far, I haven’t being doing that. It was not a conscious decision. It just didn’t happen.


But, in that true go-with-the-flow, follow the taoist way, that seems to seep into my way of living, somehow I have found myself now, with this weekly playlist update, creating space for a weekly update. This is what I mean when I talk about letting life unfold. My intentions haven’t change, how I want to live my life + what I want to create hasn’t changed. But, instead of making rules and forcing myself, in my practice of living life more in the present moment, more aware + attune to life on a daily basis, letting my creativity flow, it seems that this playlist came out of nowhere. And, now, after working on it for a few weeks, I naturally have started making a weekly post with my songs from the past week, which, in turn, inspires me to think about why I chose a particular song for a particular day.


And, as soon as I share it here, it suddenly, simply, organically grow into a kind of weekly update post. So, I’m going with it.

Welcome to week 19’s songs:

Day 126: Saturday 6 May  // Two of Us on the Run – Lucius

When I think of Saturdays, I think of my love. And that feeling of freedom of an entire day stretched out before us. I suppose you could say that it’s could be summed up as the “two of us on the run”. Doing what we what. Sharing it all. And feeling inspired + blessed + carefree.


Day 127: Sunday 7 May // Then Came the Morning – The Lone Bellow

Oh, this song. It’s so moody and slow and beautiful. It is the perfect slow Sunday song. Long mornings in bed. Endless pots of coffee. A lazy breakfast at the table. Pjs all day long. Never leaving home. A perfect mindful, transitional day from the weekend to a new week. And feeling of this song just goes so well with my favorite Sunday vibes.


Day 128: Monday 8 May // Nobody’s Fool – Shakey Graves

Yep. When it’s time for a new week I ain’t gonna be nobody’s fool. I almost always feel bad ass and inspired and ready to conquer the world on Monday mornings. So, this song summed all of that quite well. Oooo… plus Lina and I interviewed our friend, Andreas, on our podcast. You can listen to it → here. Speaking of bad ass. He is sooooo inspiring. And most definitely nobody’s fool.


Day 129: Tuesday 9 May // Tuesday Morning 10:00 a.m. – The Lowest Pair

The weekly obvious choice. But…be still my heart. It’s The Lowest Pair. And I love me some The Lowest Pair music. They are one of my absolute faves in life right now.


Day 130: Wednesday 10 May // Full Moon Song – Peter Bradley Adams

Mmm… a full moon song for a full moon moment. It was a powerful, beautiful one. The song + the moon. To read my thoughts on this one on Wednesday, click right here. I did a little post on it and share a very special Buddhist legend. Go check it out → here. I mean, who doesn’t love a full moon? And while you’re reading the post from Wednesday, listen to the lyrics of this song. So inspiring.


Day 131: Thursday 11 May // Everything Changed(Live) – Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys

Well, I just wanted to hear a song by Lindsey Lou & the Flatbellys. So I chose this one. A favorite, but a bit of a different version. Thursday was a regular day, but some exciting changes may be happening at work. (Think office space). It’s not decided yet, so I can’t say more. But, I will update you as soon as I can. In the meantime, I danced to this song some. Just because it makes me feel so good.


Day 132: Friday 12 May // Tear The Stage Down – Parsonsfield

Friday. Hell yeah. I feel focused, like breaking the rules, committing to my path even more, doing whatever the fuck my soul inspires me to do. The inspiration that has been seeping into me lately is powering me up to grab hold of my life + my dreams even more. So, yeah. Let’s celebrate the weekend. Let’s celebrate our dreams. And who we are. Let’s not let anything hold us back. Let’s tear down the stage, folks. Boom. Yeah.

Whew. Music rocks my soul. It gives me energy + focus. It slows me down and calms my soul. It captures so much of what think and feel. I am freaking loving this project. Have you subscribed yet?! Remember, I add a song every single day, so there’s always something fresh to hear. In any case, go check it out on Spotify, if you’d like. I’d love to share it with you. (links at the bottom of the post, or on the song titles above).

So, how do you guys stay present? How do you look back over the week that has passed, in preparation for the weekend or the upcoming week? Do you make space in your life for those kinds of moments of reflection?

Well, loves, now that I’ve reflected + shared with you my picks of songs for this past week, I’m off to do some life coaching! Like face-to-face life coaching at a café. And, then, it’s time for Friday night beer with my love + her co-workers. Happy weekend to all of you!

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xoxo. liz.

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