Episode 27 : How to travel the world + take photos (or do whatever YOU want)

This week Lina and I sat down with our friend (and my co-worker) Andreas for a chat about living life to the fullest and being the best that we can be. And what I mean by that, is living the life that inspires us and, hopefully, inspires others.

Andreas Mattisson is the founder and owner of Nature by Andreas. It’s a company he’s dreamed up that focuses on some of the things he loves most.  In addition to working as a nature + adventure teacher at the school where I work, and running his own business, he’s also a professional photographer, serious globe-trotter, would you believe, a magician. All in all, he’s the real shit. And if I thought he was inspiring before our podcast, then I can’t even begin to describe how much more I have been inspired by hearing even more of his stories and thoughts on life.

In the podcast we discuss his trips, his upcoming photo book and kickstarter campaign, the exhibition that he’s hosting on Sunday, and the magic of learning to live the best life we can… chasing dreams all around the world. Be prepared to be seriously inspired!

A special deal for Liz+Lina listeners: For all of you listeners out there,  Andreas has created a SPECIAL DEAL on some of his amazing prints! Trust me, I’ve seen them in real life. They are breathtakingly emotional and raw. I literally have cried. Multiple times. True story.

So, after you listen, head on over to Andreas’ website to check out his prints and then click on over to his kickstarter campaign to see (and preorder!) the photo book he’s creating.

Visit www.naturebyandreas.se and use the code “lizlina2017” to get a 20% DISCOUNT on all Fine Art prints. Valid until June 10!

While you’re at it, visit the kickstarter campaign right here to preorder his book + support his desire to inspire. By the way, his book is called “100 memories from Africa – An epic photo book”.  And it’s gonna be epic.

Soooo, here’s the podcast + all the places where you can listen to it. Enjoy!


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Thanks so much to Andreas for sitting with us so we could make this podcast together! Lina + I absolute loooove collaborating with others, and even more than that, we love promoting people and businesses that are inspiring + making a difference in the world through their art and passion for life. So, it was truly an honor to get to share with all of you what Andreas does + a tiny bit of who he is.

Happy listening! xoxo. liz.


Here are all the important links + info again. Seriously. Check out Andreas’s work. 

// Andreas’s website: www.naturebyandreas.se

// Visit www.naturebyandreas.se and use the code “lizlina2017” to get a 20% DISCOUNT on all Fine Art prints. Valid until June 10!

// Kickstarter campaign: click here

// Photo exhibition at Kungsängsgatan 12 in Uppsala on Sunday May 14 kl. 15-18

*all orders can be shipped anywhere in the world 

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