stockholm field trip.

 well, when i got to stockholm today it was cloudy & rainy. hmpf.  it’s such a beautiful place. so, stockholm, please give me some of your summertime beauty!!

 it may have been rainy, but we were still all smiles! (we = my swedish for immigrants classmates! fun!)

 vasa museum: an old ship from the 1600s, which sank off the coast of sweden & was later brought up and now preserved here. cool stuff.

 a picture just because it’s colorful & fun. hehe.

 gamla stan/old town. the city of stockholm is spread out on a bunch of islands, so it’s freaking beautiful. old buildings, lots of water. love it.

 this is perhaps the 5th or 6th take and we still didn’t get it right. the camera-man & i couldn’t seem to time things perfectly. hehe. i was stopping traffic as i stood in the middle of the street, hopping. i’m sure i looked like an idiot. well, my friends were laughing at me. i’m assuming everyone else was too.

 typical old town street. with an old man. perfect timing for the perfect shot.

 cozy. cozy. cozy. people (and dogs) just enjoying a quiet moment in this little hidden area. i would’ve loved to have joined them.

 swedish cultural info time: every june, when students graduate from high school (gymnasium), they rent trucks, get a driver, play loud music, climb in the back, scream & cheer, and drive all over the city to celebrate. today was a big graduation day in stockholm. cool tradition, i think.

 just waiting for the walking sign. hanging out by the harbor.

 sunny stockholm!!!! thank you!


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    1. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog! hmmm… my favorite thing about Stockholm… yesterday, i think it was walking through the old town and stopping for lunch with friends. so cozy & beautiful. but, there are so many thing to see & do in stockholm! it is a beautiful city!! i live in a city about 1.5 hours south of stockholm, so hopefully I will be able to visit otfen!

      come back & visit my blog often! i’ll be checking on yours as soon as i finish this! 🙂 have a great day!

      1. I will definitely be stopping by often. I love to hear about others’ travels, especially when they’re good at telling about them! Thanks for posting

  1. Wow, amazing pictures. Stockholm is beautiful! I am a massive fan of travelling to destinations in Mainland Europe. My favourite spots include Ghent and Antwerp and these pictures remind me of them a lot so would love to visit.
    However, I always hear that Sweden is very expensive? Do you think this, or is a city break there a do-able option for the budget traveler (I may now be working but I will forever be a budget traveler)!

    1. It is so cool that you would love visit Sweden! It is kind of expensive, but there are good hostels in Stockholm, which are reasonable (and fun experiences too!). I’d say if you planned it right, you can do it on a budget. And if you’re interested, please let me know!!

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