Summer in Brooklyn • 1

I just spent 2.5 days in NYC with my love and it was pure magic. 

We love New York, and visit as often as we can, always seeking to soak up those special vibes that you can only get in NYC. Since we’ve been there quite often, we have the luxury of not “needing” to do the touristy things and, instead, head for a new NYC neighborhood with every visit so we can get off the beaten path + into local life as much as possible. ‘Cause that’s how we roll. 

For this quick trip to the Big Apple we chose Brooklyn, specifically Williamsburg

Now, I’m no expert on the Williamsburg area, but I had a my expectations/prejudices upon arrival. A warehouse-y, industrial-turned-cool, liberal, funky, artsy  and hip place. A place that just might be somewhere that Lina and I felt inspired.

Well, my expectations were pretty spot on. It was all of those things and more for us. 

So, I thought I’d share with you my photos from our wanderings… which is literally all we did. No agenda. No map. No internet. It was just us and the streets and the pure joy of discovering a little hidden gem of a bookstore or a hip café or a delicious Mexican restaurant or enjoying quiet moments by the water or even an unintentional freaky walk through a sketchy neighborhood. You see, this is how we love to travel, this is how we soak up the vibes and try to become one with the neighborhood. And this is how we create our stories, the stories of our life.

So, without further ado) here’s our first day (evening) in NYC! 

We arrived in Newark mid-afternoon, and after the whole customs/passport control sheneigans were finally done, we hopped the New Jersey train into Manhattan. We weren’t totally sure what we were doing, but we just jumped in and took a chance. 

 Turns out, after about 30 minutes we made it to busy Penn Station, hailed a cab (jet lag is not a good time to take the subway, make train changes, and figure out where to go), and were dropped off 20 minutes later outside our Airbnb door. Yessss!

Our place was quintessential, classic, perfect Willimasburg, Brooklyn. 

We unlocked the door and walked up the stairs to the first floor, knowing we were gonna love this place. 

And we did. Like, I could barely stand it. It felt so “Liz and Lina”. If you know us, then you’ll know what a mean in just a second when you see the photos. We lugged our bags up a second flight of stairs to our bedroom – we were only renting the room, so the owners would be there too. Though we actually never met them, constantly crossing paths and only there at the same time to sleep. And then, we decided that it was time for a photo shoot. 

Again, let me say. This place was fab-u-lous. My inspiration level was off the charts. 

I mean, seriously. I love every single freaking thing about this house. Swoooooooon! 

Ok, so photo shoot over, we freshened up and were ready to chow down on some Mexican food and beer. Something that you cannot get in Sweden. I mean you can, but it ain’t the real stuff. Lucky for us, there was a Mexican restaurant one block from us and on our same street. So, we were off. Let the adventures begin! 

We ate and drank and laughed and pinched ourselves and just enjoyed being together. It was finally summer and we were finally back in the States. 

And it just so happened that it was a magically, beautifully perfect summer evening in Brooklyn. 

And then, after the sun set and we’d finished our beer, the jet lag set in. Our bodies, still suck in Swedish time, told us that it was 4am (though it was 10pm) and to go to bed. 

So we walked home in the dark, hand in hand, totally full of complete contentment.

To be continued… soon! 


My Williamsburg recommendations:

// Airbnb at 95 South 4th Street

// Mexican food at Cariño 

// Beer, drinks and atmosphere at The Woods

12 thoughts on “Summer in Brooklyn • 1

  1. Liz, your Williamsburg photos are incredible. Seriously, your light and angles are perfect. Glad you had fun. xoxo

    1. It was such an incredible evening, so Mother Nature made it easy to capture the atmosphere. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Wow, that place is incredible!! Loooove it. I hope you two are videotaping all of this for another one of Lina’s fantastic vacation videos?!

    1. Oh Miriam, as much as we wanted to video and discussed videoing, we decided against it. Sometimes it takes away from just being in the moment, so we decided to skip it. I sort of regret it now, but at the same time, I don’t. However, I do believe that one of Lina’s amazing videos will be made of our beach week! 🙂

    1. We were beaming! And I still am after then entire trip. I could not have asked for a better summer vacation. WOW. (And meeting you too in the middle of it all!!) xoxo

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