January’s super blue blood moon: It almost feels like too much

It feels appropriate that there is a super blue blood full moon hidden behind snow clouds this morning as I write this. That’s how I feel right now. Like there is this insane, almost-too-much, powerful magic all around that I just don’t understand. I am aware of it. I even feel it, as evidenced by the fact that I barely slept last night. And I know that it is a positive thing, all of this power, but it is just so much pressure right now. I can almost hardly bare it. Yet, amazingly, because I trust the phases + processes + transitions of life , I accept + welcome it.

There’s something that happens the older (and hopefully wiser) that I become. And I was just talking about this yesterday at work with my colleague who is 5 years my elder. The thing that happens is trust. Trust that it all will work out. Trust that understands that at any given time we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Trust that knows that we have the power to choose how we live from day to day, and minute to minute.

It’s not a simplistic, naive trust; which many others might judge and think. But it is a deep knowing that it all works for good. That even when it is bad, even when it is tough, there is possibility for transformation and evolving. In fact, change is occurring with or without us. The choice we have is whether to embrace our moments and learn from them, evolve from them, let them transform us… or not.

jan 2018

Today + tonight we close out the first month of this year with a second full moon, also known as a blue moon (when 2 full moons occur within the same month). It feels like a powerful set of bookends for very transitional month. We also are experiencing a super moon, meaning that the earth is closer to the moon than normal, making it appear much larger. The full moon on January 1st was also a super moon. And, finally this is a blood (red) moon, which means that we also are experiencing a lunar eclipse. This is when the earth passes between the sun and the moon, reflecting + refracting + absorbing light, all except reds + oranges, thus casting a red shadow on the moon.

So, you guys, this is magic. I mean, it has to be, right? These crazy powerful two super full moons on the very first and very last days of the first month of the year. I mean, no wonder it all feels like too much. No wonder I feel all wacky + exhausted + confused + ready to move the fuck on.

But, as I said before… trust. Even though this month has felt a bit weird, I trust the process. I trust that it is a month we need as we let go of + deeply release the past. I get that, in order to move forward, we must purge + clean out. We must go through a little time of feeling off balance in order to realign. We must surrender to the present in order to create the future that we feel called to.

Still, it feels like a bit too much sometimes, doesn’t it?

However, this super blue blood full moon is just the sign we need to let us know that we are moving on. January, usually a month for new beginnings, has started off this year with a very intense opportunity to begin to transition into a whole new way of living. It’s time to wholeheartedly let go. The life that is waiting for us, the life that we want for ourselves, is so much bigger than we imagined or realized. The story that we are living has become too small for us, for our awakening soul. So, let’s surrender + let go our old selves for a new, higher version + a larger, more amazing story.

It’s time to say goodbye to January, and to our old ways of living. We have learned from them, grown into who we are right now because of our old stories + old ways of living. They have served us well. But, now it’s time to push forward. To wake to our new life. To shift into our new way of living + being. We may not know how that looks (I, for one, have no fucking clue), but the time has come to let it unfold and to journey on.

Yes, the details are unknown. Perhaps even the goals + dreams are unknown. Certain the path is unknown. But, none of that matters. Our souls know the way. So, by the light of this powerful super blue blood moon, we boldly step out of this moment and into the next.


Wild moon blessings to you on your journey. xoxo. liz.


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