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04. The week that was an intense shift in thinking

28 Jan 2018

Just the other day, I shared a post about 5 things to let go of this year. Five things that I realize that I don’t need anymore. Five things that I need to release so I can move on. And, I must say, it’s been quite therapeutic for me. It’s been so effective, that I’m left feeling a bit confused and freaked out and excited. But mostly, a bit restless and confused. But, I have certainly gotten myself prepared for the shifting of energies, which will be coming up later this week (more to come on the blog throughout the week). It’s been intense, for sure, but I am finding myself open + willing to consider new, wild, crazy things as I stand on the edge of something…

In the midst of all of this deep internal stuff, life around me was quite intense as well. Normal stuff. Pretty good stuff. But, the feelings of change + transition are just as high in my everyday outer life as they are in my inner life.


Work is crazy right now. Like really. My students are good. And things were high energy this past week with them, but in an amazing way. Other things are a bit more topsy turvy, though. However, I absolutely love my job. I love working with my babies, as I refer to them.



Exciting thing: It is now light when I leave work on the days I get off at 4!! That’s right, this twilight-y glow is what happened when I walked home this week. It felt soooooo good. And, it’s just gonna get better! I am most definitely ready for the light to return. I’m over the darkness. The snow and cold are ok. Just give me some more sun and daylight.




Speaking of daylight + sunshine… it was super cold and windy this day, but I just had to get out during my lunch time. Like I often do. It’s such a reset button for my day.  A chance to breathe on my own. To step away from it all. To just be with myself. And my little introverted self needs that badly.


My love and I didn’t go out for beer here in Uppsala much this past autumn, due to her being laid off from her job and the uncertainty that went with all of that. So, it was amazing one day for us to just decide to head out with a friend after work for drinks and chats. Such a great evening it was, too!




On Friday, I started up my life coaching group again at the retirement center that I had last autumn. So, now it’ll be 10 more weeks of coffee and conversations with some incredibly inspiring people. It felt so great to take my long 40 minute walk to the center and then spend an hour and a half listening to stories + sharing some of my own. It’s amazing how important it is to really slow down and just connect with people. And how so often we don’t take the time to do that.

After my group, I met Lina and her new colleagues (more on that in the next pic!!) for a sushi lunch at their office. Then, I stayed the entire afternoon. While they worked, I sat on their couch, wrote, kept in contact with my brother’s flights to Santa Fe, and drank a little office beer. Lina and I rounded off the day with her parents + brother/brother’s wife at a new Asian buffet in town. It was goooood.


So, let me tell you about my love. My amazing, kick ass love. She was laid off from her job in the end of last September. It was crazy. And still is. But, she’s dealt with it like a champ. She took some time to really wonder what it is she wanted to do, how she wanted to work, what was important to her, created a portfolio and began sending out letters and applying to places. In the end, there were two totally different companies that offered her jobs and she made a decision to go with a small company that would give her freedom, opportunities, experience, and a super creative, inspiring atmosphere.

A week ago she went to sign her papers + I was invited to followed along, to have a beer + celebrate with her new bosses – who are fabulous. It turned into an amazing afternoon, evening, and night with a ton of new people. It was fantastic.

And, then, on Monday she went to her first day of work. And kicked ass all week long. She’s so happy + inspired, and I couldn’t be more proud and excited for her.



Then it was weekend! When I woke up Saturday, I looked outside and saw that the sun was just barely below the horizon, so I made coffee, downed a mug, and then headed out to walk + take some photos. I left my phone at home so I could just really enjoy the art of photography + being in the moment.

I think I was gone about 30-45 minutes, and it was heaven. I visited my spirit tree, foraged a few forest goodies, and sat on a very cold + icy rock with my face to the sun. This has spontaneously turned into a little weekend ritual for me. I believe that this was the 3rd weekend that I’ve made the little trek to this new favorite spot of mine.

Can’t wait to walk out here in the summer late at night to watch the sunset. But for now, these sunrise moments are just perfect. The sun comes up at about 8, so it’s not too early to get up + out to experience it. Soon, though, it will be super early. So, like I said, I’m gonna soak it up while I can.






The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed. We cleaned + hung out at home. Met my old colleague + her boyfriend for beer at an Irish pub. Drank way too much. And spent all of Sunday’s daylight in bed… going back and forth between writing + watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Now, it’s time for a Swedish afternoon fika, then pizza, and a little Netflix date with my love after my shower.

One more thing. I sent out my newsletter this morning, and in it I shared that I may stop blogging. I will not stop writing, but I am wondering if I should put my focus on other things. I am already starting to receive a few comments and feedback, which is amazing and something I am really taking to heart. Sp keep the comments coming!

If you are interested in reading about my thoughts + what I am pondering, then just make sure you’ve signed up to get my newsletter. I’ve written all about it there. Once you sign up, I’ll send you the latest newsletter.

Ok. Time for that shower now. Hope you’ve enjoyed this post + my photos from this past week. Wishing you a cozy Sunday, lovelies.



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