Tapping into my roots at the North Carolina beach

Alright, y’all. It’s time for me to share all of my documentation from my week at the beach with my family. As always, it was relaxing, fun, and filled with laughter. But, this year was extra special… because the entire family was together for the first time in quite a few years. Life happens, you know, and it’s hard to get 15 people together (13 of which are adults living in 3 different countries + 3 different states). But, this year, the stars aligned + we all made it. And it was pure bliss.

For the past 33 years (!!!!) we’ve been heading to Atlantic Beach, NC (a.k.a. the Crystal Coast, a.k.a. the Southern Outer Banks) for a week in the summer. It all started with my grandparents renting a house on the beach when I was 10; and even though they died long ago, we’ve kept the tradition going.

Here’s how we looked on that first trip:

And here’s how we look today:

Pretty crazy amazing, huh?

Anyway… here’s what went down. We sat on the beach, sat on the porches, ate at home, ate out, and literally just hung out with each other. That’s it. And, it was absolute perfection. Even with the super crazy storms that popped up every single day.

So, if you care to see all of my photos, go grab a drink or something + settle in. There are tons! And enjoy!

Road trip across North Carolina! 8 hours in the car with me behind the wheel. Oh hell yeah.

We made it! 

Mornings (when it wasn’t raining + storming) alone on the beach for meditation + yoga.

And now… just a whole bunch of beach photos!


Since the weather was crazy stormy, we did a whole lotta porch sittin. And drinkin. And talkin. And laughin. 


We went out to eat a few times, but not too much. Totally more fun to stay at the house + just take it easy.

We ended the week with a gorgeous full moon. My brother, Lina, and I headed out about midnight + just stood at the water’s edge soaking up all the magical vibes.

As usual, the week was exactly what I needed. Time with family + relaxation. On a deeper level, it was a chance for me to feel my roots. To dig down into the depths of where I am from, remembering the past, and thinking about how all of it makes me who I am today.

Just the thing to help me recharge, reset, and get ready to move forward to whatever comes next… carrying the wisdom + memories of my ancestors and my family with me.

Thanks for reading, you guys. I sure do hope that you’ve had some kind of super fun summer times (or cozy winter times!) over the past month as well. Now, who’s ready for the changing of the seasons?!

xoxo. liz.



2 thoughts on “Tapping into my roots at the North Carolina beach

  1. Beautiful photos! I’m so happy for you that your vacation was so wonderful.
    And as for the changing of the seasons … I’m ready!

    1. Thanks, doll! It really was just a beautiful vacation and so great to be back. 🙂 Now, bring on autumn!!!

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