the beach, baby!



We just got Internet at the beach house, so I can get a little blog fix now. I must admit that I’ve been going through withdrawal. Seriously. I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging every day has been cathartic & beneficial for me… a way I can get things out, process things, & be creative. All that said, I miss having instant Internet access at anytime. But, on the other hand, it’s definitely great to just be with my love & my family. So that’s gonna be my focus for these next few weeks!

But I can’t resist a little chance to reflect a tiny bit, so here’s goes…

The flight was amazingly calm, except for the hour long landing experience. We circled for an hour because of air traffic but finally safely made it. The most crazy, wonderful thing was getting through passport control/customs!!! No questions, no interviews, just equal treatment as a legitimately married couple!! I must say that it is a weird feeling to be entering the states as a citizen, but also a visitor. Cant really go into that here, as i am using my iPhone, hehe. Well, we headed down south a little to our campground with my parents (cozy times!) & then to Washington, DC!! It was soooo hot & there was sooooo much traffic! But, it was really great to visit!

Now we’re at the beach & surrounded by family! The weather’s hot, the sun is shining, the seafood is fantastic, and good times are ahead! Its amazing to be here!

Hope you have a great week! Peace.

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    1. i’m really in business now. i’ve moved up to using my dad’s computer instead of my phone. sooo much easier! and now i can take pics with my camera, perhaps, too! glad to know we’re blog buddies. hehe.

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