the beauty of a woman.

she is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. her beauty radiates from the inside out, though she doesn’t really know it. you could say that i think that she is beautiful because i am in love with her. and that’s true. my love clouds my judgement. or does it? perhaps her beauty first captured me, and that is why i fell in love with her. but, as each day, each year passes, she grows more beautiful and my love grows infinitely deeper.

it is the beauty of a woman becoming a woman.

it’s her eyes & the light that shines out from them. the way that she doesn’t just look at other people, but how she sees them. it’s the tears that fall from those same big, honest eyes, which i wipe away with my fingertips. it’s her heart. how she feels emotions & allows herself to feel exactly how she feels in any given moment. it’s her smile and it’s warm invitation to strike up a conversation with her, to trust her. it’s how she listens with not just her ears, but with her emotional heart full of love. it’s that beautiful brain of hers and how she thinks, analyzes, wonders, dreams, creates, and inspires others with her thoughts. it’s her voice… her soft, calm voice. her fun, gorgeous, contagious laughter. her passionate voice. the peaceful, calm music that comes from the instrument that is her voice. it’s her hands, which she extends to others. meeting and accepting them just as they are. ready & willing to help out anyone who needs a helping hand. it’s her feet, and how she uses them to walk in others’ shoes, imagining life through others’ perspectives. it’s her willingness and desire to go any & everywhere.

it’s her silliness. her craziness. her uniqueness. her openness. her tenderness. her intelligence. her compassion.

it’s her soul, which can’t be seen; and yet, is visible. her beautifully deep soul, which yearns to dance, sing, create, fly, and be free. it’s watching her on her journey in life, as she meets & listens to her soul as the years pass by.

it’s how she touches my soul. how she ever so gently reaches down into me with her eyes, with her arms, with her heart, and meets me. how she encourages me to live from my soul, and encourages me to follow my dreams and to be exactly who i am.

it’s the two of us, on our journey together, discovering our souls together. it’s how our souls grow and intertwine like two vines… giving support, holding back, watching, helping, experiencing, enjoying, sharing, loving. it’s watching our love for our selves & for each other reach skyward. it’s dancing, laughing, crying, dreaming, arguing, learning together. it’s the beauty of two women on a journey of infinite love together.

the beauty of a woman…

… it’s not only in how she looks. it’s in who she is. and when the beauty that is on the inside spills out, everyone around has the joy and privilege of being in the presence of true beauty. that is how it is with my amazing wife. the most beautiful woman i know.

*written for my love & for the beauty of a woman blogfest by august mclaughlin.

beauty, love, & peace.

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  1. Så fantastiskt, underbart, makalöst, gripande, vackert och fint skrivet Liz!! Lina har sådan tur att ha dig i sitt liv och vid sin sida. Er kärlek till varandra är en sådan som vi andra drömmer om att få finna i våra liv. Jag är så glad för er skull att ni funnit varandra!

    Tack för att ni är mina vänner och att jag fått lära känna er!

    1. love right back to y’all! (by the way, we got a beautiful little card from ireland in the mail this week! 🙂

  2. i love you deeply from my heart and soul. you are truly my everything, my life. i love you with all i am. thank you for loving me, and thank you for writing this. i am touched. love.

  3. She is beautiful. What you describe here is surely something real. Something I could almost feel through your words.
    Thanks for giving us a tiny view in.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, and for stopping by. It’s hard to put love into words, but I tried. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the well wishes. Sending lots of good vibes and blessings back to you. Thanks for dropping by and commenting! /Liz

  4. I was mesmerized by your words and the love in them. Thank you so much for sharing them. This particularly touched me:

    it’s her soul, which can’t be seen; and yet, is visible.

    WOW–just beautiful!

    1. thank you so much, ginger, for your kind words. glad you stopped by!! hope you come back again. 😉

    1. thank you for sending good thoughts our way. and i am so glad that my words touched you. you are welcome back anytime!

  5. thank you for sharing that – it was beautiful. you two are truly the luckiest people in the world to have one another… love ya’ll

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