saturday night streaming.

20120211-224151.jpg me hanging out at work friday night, waiting for the youth i work with to arrive. i drank waaaayyy too much coffee last night at work. can you say hyper & unable to sleep? hehe.

yep. i’m sleepy. 10pm saturday night & i can barely keep my eyes open. feeling like an old lady. i should just go to bed, but i’m fighting it… working hard to watch a movie. my intention has been to relax with a glass of wine & the movie that i’m trying so hard to watch, but sitting down on the sofa with my blanket around me, sipping that glass if wine, makes it a losing battle. i now realize that slowing down enough gives me permission to relax a little, and apparently i’m tired. hehe.

i’ve got quite a few posts in my head which i want to work on, but i just can’t get them out tonight. so, i’ll keep them to myself for now. perhaps the morning will offer me a chance to write something…

in the meantime, i’m not giving up & surrendering to my bed yet. nope. i’m doing my best to stretch out my saturday night, because when morning comes, it’s back to work for me again.

i’ve been at the church almost all weekend it feels like. but, big things are happening. big. good. things. (one of my upcoming posts) so, it’s been a weekend of work for me (and my love, who’s been working like crazy too), and i’ve got a few more hours ahead of me tomorrow. but, enough talk about work. time to live jn the moment & leave those responsibilities behind until tomorrow.

as worn out as i feel, though, i can’t help but be thankful tonight for that fact that i have work to make me tired. i can’t help but remember those who don’t have the luxury of having a night off with a warm blanket to curl up with, or someone to crawl into bed with when it’s time to say goodnight. so, i’m not complaining tonight, i’m simply writing stream-of-consciousness… without that much to say, or the desire to write about the stuff that i want to write about soon. tonight i just wanted to write and check in. know what i mean?

so, how’s your weekend going?

peace, dear friends.

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