the blog world & an award!

i love the blogging world. and when i’m away, i miss it terribly.

it’s true. i miss all of you. you, who read my blog, whether i know you or not. whether you comment or not (though, i am a girl who loves a comment!). i miss you when i am away, and i cherish all of your thoughts, your comments, and your willingness to read through the things happening in my little life. this blog world has become very important to me. a place to share my thoughts, to process my experiences, and to read about your lives as well (you, who are readers & bloggers). it is a way to be connected with people from all over the world, and i am all about that! it’s so important to me to keep in touch with my near & dear, and to get to know more people; and this blog has allowed me to capture a little picture of my life in sweden for all of those i left behind in the states, and a chance to find new, never-met-before, friends who i now call my blogging friends. what a support this blog has been for me! and what an even bigger support each of you has been in my life. you may be silent or unknown supporters, but somehow i can feel all of you. and i thank you for coming by my little corner of cyberspace and sharing a part of my life.

ok. on to another thing. about a week ago, when i was in the states, i read a comment on one of my blogs which said that i was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by se perdre dans les images! thank you so much! i was totally shocked & honored to be nominated! with this award comes a few rules to follow… kind of like paying it forward. so, after a week (or maybe even 2!), i am finally doing my part.

the rules:

  • add the Versatile Award pic on your blog post
  • thank the blogger who nominated you
  • share 7 random things about yourself
  • nominate 15 fellow bloggers
  • inform the bloggers of their nomination

7 random things about me:

  • i’m addicted to potato chips & french fries.
  • one day i hope to take part in a sit-in, protest, or march for something i believe in.
  • when i was a kid, i wanted to be a detective.
  • nature is one of my best friends.
  • i believe that there is a universal truth found in all religions.
  • i loooove to drive! the longer the distance, the bigger the adventure!
  • i think everyone should really get to know at least one homeless person at some point in their life.

here are the bloggers that i pass the award on to… they are writers who make me laugh, challenge me to think, and inspire me to live. click on them and discover someone new!

(in no particular order. except that my wife is first. hehe)

thanks again for the nomination!! now get busy reading some new blogs!

peace out.

0 thoughts on “the blog world & an award!

  1. And I miss the happy thought and the happy faces of two blondes who are so close that in many-a photographic image they appear to be siamese twins!

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

  2. Thank you Liz! I am very pleased you are back in the blog world. You have been missed too.
    Also some new blog reading is a treat, thank you xx

  3. Wow, I am flattered! This would be the second time I can redeem this thing! Thank you so much for checking out my blog in the past few months and I really enjoy reading yours, even though only on occasion due to time pressure and other constraints…sigh!

  4. That’s awesome!! Thanks so much for the nomination!
    Can’t wait to get started on it.
    Your vacay pics look like so much fun. *sigh* I sometimes miss
    cozy snow-ness. 🙂

    1. Right now, Stacy, with insane cold, ice, & snow all around, I am seriously jealous of you living in Hawaii! 😉

      1. The grass is always greener. lol
        The other night I had to actually use a blanket on TOP of our comforter! 🙂 Got pretty
        chilly. Felt wonderful. I don’t miss scraping my windows though.
        Come visit! It’s always nice enough to go to the beach.

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