mixed emotions.


hey, my dear readers!! just a short little post to announce that i’m headed back to sweden. i must admit, i am completely filled with mixed feelings. gaaahh. but, nevertheless, feeling good & bad, excited & heartbroken, i’m headed home tomorrow. it has been a wonderful, unbelievable time here in the states with so many chances to spend time with some very important people in my life, and i’m feeling overwhelmed & overjoyed!! but, it’ll be good to return to our cozy home & our adorable zola!

now, i’m gonna sleep for a few hours & then begin the 2 day journey home. see ya next from sweden!!!

peace out!

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    1. thank you! it was long, but good! i’m looking forward to re-connecting with you through our blogs now that we are both in europe again. 🙂 xx

  1. A hug from one homesick bird to another. Cherish the best of both your countries and carry your friends in your heart. So grateful that communication over borders is so easy nowadays. x

    1. yes, my dear. it is so bittersweet! i love having two places i call home, and yet i am so torn at the same time. it is amazing to have someone understand, as you do. feels good that we have each other. xoxo

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