the city of islands.


hello from the capital of sweden… beautiful stockholm! the city spread out over (i don’t know exactly how many) islands. a truly unique & gorgeous place. my love and i arrived last night for a weekend of business & pleasure. the business will all be taken care of by this afternoon, so then it’s 48 hours of fun in this amazing city! tonight we’ll be in the old part of downtown – think 1400s/1500s old (cool huh?!)- at a concert in an old underground wine-cellar-turned-music-bar(double cool!). and guess what, my love’s gonna sing with the band! sooo exciting (triple cool!)! then, we’ll be spending the rest of the weekend with a friend, exploring, shopping, tasting. feels amazing to have a chance to be in the city for a few days. gonna soak it up & live life!

wishing you an fabulous weekend too. as my cousin said to me… “have a blast, go wild, & do something irresponsible!” a college student’s way of saying.. live life & enjoy the beautiful moments that come your way. do it!

peace out!

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