My new neighborhood: Why I love the industrial area of Norrköping

a walk with mom

welcome to uppsala!

40 days in a cathedral: week 5

sensory overload. part 14.

don’t postpone joy

what are you doing new year’s eve?

instagram love.

orange is the new black.

the day i decided to just go for it.

things i love about these september days.

this is what saturdays are made for.

soaking up those late summer days.

weekends are for catching up.

namaste, my friends.

moral monday comes to asheville. and i was channeling the 60s.

“knock, knock?” “the door is open!”

nothing is weird in asheville.

have wheels. will travel.

things are really rolling now.

living in limbo.

one last post from downtown.

it’s the little things. like fruit & veggies.

staying true to my yellow & blue.

i never really believed it until now.

a little nature. a little urban. a perfect fix for my soul.

six senses sunday.

vårkänslor. the feelings sweeping over sweden.

welcome to my neighborhood.

the lesson of a bird & her nest.

celebrating life… the nordic spring way.

six senses monday.

tiny moments to celebrate.

a restaurant that feeds your soul.

31 day photo journey. days 15-22.

the 31 day journey begins. belovelive’s march photo a day!

berlin’s cozy atmosphere.

out & about in berlin.

i need your help in march!

planes, trains, & automobiles. berlin style.

a time to remember in berlin.

home from berlin!

standing by the wall.

what you’ll find in my instagram feed at twilight.

time flies when you’re having fun.

on the hunt for some warmth. in sweden. in january.

having an expat moment.

a little bit of everyday life.