the day i found all the holiday feels // 49

this weekend i had a little holiday adventure. and i didn’t realize how badly i needed it until i was right in the middle of it all.

you see, in europe, holiday markets are quite popular. you know, traditional markets set up in town squares offering handmade food, crafts, and goods. a but like an american-style street fair. the thing is, most of these markets have been going on for many, many years. and it’s all just an extra bit special when they are part of the holiday season.

so, on saturday, lina and i decided to hop the train to stockholm for a little day trip to visit the old christmas market in the middle of Gamla Stan (Old Town) in stockholm. it is a very popular market, and i had never been before, so i was super excited.

and, to top it all off, we woke up to snowy weather. oh, all the holiday feels!
me winter

first things first, though. as soon as we arrived, we headed to a favorite restaurant of lina’s… vapiano. lina had pasta and i had a delicious spinach pizza. and we both had beer, because… weekend!

pizza food

and then, it was time for the market. my lord, you guys, it was totally packed. totally. but that just helped with the christmas spirit. and the snow, well, that made it totally magical.

this particular market in the old town of stockholm started in 1837… it is the oldest christmas market in all of sweden. a place where kings and queens have walked. eeeeeek. so amazing.

stockholm christmas marketstockholm christmas market

stockholm christmas market

stockholm christmas marketstockholm christmas marketstockholm christmas marketstockholm christmas marketstockholm christmas marketstockholm christmas market

we left old town and the market to head out a do a tiny bit of christmas shopping. which was a success. yay! and, then we walked to the big department store NK, which is Sweden’s equivalent of Macy’s.

i was completely overtaken and giddy with the holiday spirit. practically skipping through the city. i most definitely had that “most wonderful time of the year” feeling.

stockholm christmas marketstockholm christmas market

when we arrived to NK, the department store, it was packed with people… outside. why, you ask? because NK is famous for their special holiday-themed windows.

by this point, i felt like i was in a holiday movie. or christmas song. like for real. twinkling lights, music, the look of wonder in children’s eyes, the entire vibe was just amazing. it was like living “silver bells”. in fact, i even started singing it out loud to lina… who may or may not have been embarrassed by me. but, i just couldn’t help it.

city sidewalks, busy sidewalks. dressed in holiday style. in the air there’s a feeling of christmas. children laughing, people passing. meeting smile after smile. and on every street corner you’ll hear… silver bells. silver bells. it’s christmas time in the city. ring-a-ling. here them ring. soon it will be christmas day.
stockholm christmas marketstockholm christmas marketstockholm christmas marketstockholm christmas marketstockholm christmas market

and then inside… wow. just wow. santa claus and a giant spinning christmas tree, and of course TONS of people. it’s was like being in the movie “Miracle on 34th Street”. gaaaaah. so christmas marketstockholm christmas marketafter a coffee break, we walked through the streets again. soaking up the atmosphere. the lights. the music. the spirit. oh, what an amazing and beautiful day it was! stockholm christmas market

me mistletoe

and, there you have my magical holiday market day in stockholm.

it was just what i needed to boost my holiday spirit even more. you know, this past week was stressful. work is just crazy. and i am so looking forward to a break. so, every day after work, i’d come home and just crash. not finding any inspiration or desire to create, write, blog, or do much of anything except to survive. sad, but true.

in any case, i have been feeling all holiday-y in the midst of all of the stress. and i have been enjoying and absolutely soaking up all of the holiday moments i can. every single little thing. but, i had no idea how much i needed this super festive boost.

today, i’m watching christmas movies + blogging, and then i’m gonna have a holiday fika with family… with coffee, christmas buns and mulled wine. and, right now, it’s time for breakfast + time to light the third advent candle.

wishing you a cozy sunday, lovely people.

xoxo. liz.

4 thoughts on “the day i found all the holiday feels // 49

  1. Love this post. This holiday market really put me in the Christmas mood — much more so than Black Friday.

    1. It is most definitely a better vibe than the Black Friday craziness! So glad you enjoyed the post, Pat. xx

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