It’s the end of something big: December’s full moon is here

And it’s here to help us move on. My friends, it is not only the last month of 2017, but it is also the end of a specific 3 year energetic era. We’ve been growing, learning, and changing since 2014; and now it really is time to let go + begin again. So, whatever has been going on in our lives for the past few years is coming to a close, so that we can upgrade, uplevel, and evolve into the next phase of our lives. One that I feel will be a sort of landing. Oh, of course, we will continue to grow + change + unfold, but we will do so from a new space. A higher perspective. So, let’s pause for a moment on this first weekend in December to prepare ourselves for this dark, magical month filled with possibility + potential.

But mind you, there is nothing to actually do right now. It’s December, and counter to what consumerist society says, it’s not a month for busy-ness at all. It’s a month for magic, ritual, tradition, and waiting. December, in my opinion, is all about: digging in, grounding down, reflecting, feeling, and sitting with it all.

In the midst of the winter and the darkest part of the year in the northern hemisphere, we have nothing to really focus on except snuggling in our homes and enjoying the moments. Now, I know, my friends, that there is work to be done. That our daily lives move on, but it is totally possible to slow down + find a few minutes of quiet solitude in the middle of it all.

And, it just so happens that this last full moon of the year falls on a weekend, so there’s no excuse for most of us. Can’t we just squeeze out a few minutes of moon-gazing + reflecting so we can soak in the energy that is swirling around us?

So, what energy do you feel swirling in + around you, in relation to the ending of 2017? I feel the changes + the endings. I feel the possibilities + potentialities. I feel something very new + stable up ahead. And I feel that it is a big, beautiful, mystical, soul-filling, challenging, reality-filling, aligning something. It is a whole new phase. But, I have no idea what it is. It’s mysterious, mystical, and covered by the thick darkness of December. And I’m totally fine with that. I totally trust this month, this process, and for everything to unfold + rise just as it should. For, now, the only thing I am to do is to take it one moment at a time.

You see, there is a new vision unfolding before us. New tasks. New opportunities.Things are not at all the same as they were 3 years ago. It is time to unravel, adapt, let go, trust, and prepare for the unknown that lies ahead.

If you’re like me, you feel that your old ways just don’t work anymore. And, yet, you don’t know what lies ahead, the new vision is not clear yet. Take heart, lovelies, this is the time, as I said before, to just be present. The only thing we can do is trust that as the old is falling away, making space for the new. Because that is one very deep truth… all is being made new, all is growing beneath the frozen earth, all potential is found in the darkness.

But, for now, all we need to do it to STOP. Rest. Breathe, Repair. Listen. Feel. Gather energy.

Amazingly, the last full moon of 2017 is also a super moon. Simply meaning that la luna is closer to earth than she normally is, and therefore, she seems much, much larger than normal. What this means symbolically is that we can imagine that we have even more glorious moon inspiration coming our way, illuminating our lives + our souls. This full moon weekend can be as spiritually inspiring as you wish it to be.

Should you create + carve out time to sit under the moon, inside or outside, to feel the energy that is inspiring you, here are a few things that you might consider, reflect on, and ponder:

→ What is it that you have experienced over the past year? What things have happened to you or around you?

→ What changes have occurred in the past 3 years? How have you changed? What things have happened?

→ What is excessive in your life? What is essential?

→ What no longer serves our life? What old ways do we need to let go of? What need unraveling?

→ What do we need to revisit + revision in order to prepare so that we can prepare to move forward?

Before I send you off on your way to begin to connect to the spiritual energy of this month through this weekend’s new moon, I want to remind you of my December theme: PRESENCE

I wrote a post about it last week, and beginning tomorrow, I will be featuring this theme in my weekly newsletter. I’ll also post more about finding the magic + meaning of being present during December here on the blog + on Instagram. So, if you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter (here) and keep checking back for more posts on presence as well.

For now, though, I’m gonna pull out my journal + begin to think about all that has happened since 2014. For me, it is a very, very clear bookended period of time.

In the end of 2014, my love + I moved from Asheville, NC to Uppsala, Sweden. Lina had gotten a job + we decided to make Sweden our home base. It has been a crazy 3 years + so much has happened in the years we’ve been here. Incredibly, as the energies indicate, there is a closing + an ending to the past few years that makes it completely obvious that things have come full circle for us. It is so obvious to me that things are being finalized, and a new phase of life is on the 2018 horizon. To be honest, even though I can’t put my finger on the vision, even though it is all a mystery to me, I feel so good about it.

Happenings from Lina’s journey 2014-2017: got a job as a graphic designer, had a very serious relapse of anorexia, left work for about a year for treatment, bought a home, deaths in the family, family sickness, continued treatment + began work again, hit rock bottom, decided to be “free”, began to discover the real Lina, was declared in remission just this past autumn, was also suddenly laid off from her work this past autumn (her employer’s freaking fault).

currently: unemployed, seeking work, yet healthy + strong.

Happenings from my journey 2014-2017: unemployed, seeking work, life coaching certification, began working as a mentor/coach at a high school, bought a home, focused on taking care of Lina, deaths in family/friends, sickness in family, explored growing my own business, found balance in slow living, aligned my spirituality with life + nature.

currently: embracing my contemplative way of life. accepting challenges at work. creating my own courses. letting go of old ways of spirituality.

Crazy how life unfolds, isn’t it? It’s so worth it to look back + get perspective. But the real power comes with sitting in the present moment + letting it all just be. Even the shitty shit. The scary stuff. And the stuff that pisses me off, feels completely unfair, and blows the tiny bit of stability we thought we had built to pieces.

Once looking back, however, there’s no need for me to try to figure things out for the future. No need to feel pressure to have complete control over everything… because my past, my entire life, teaches me that life marches on. That it all evolves, and I along with it. The key is being here + now. Knowing that whatever is to come, will come. And preparing myself for it by simply letting go of all that has been, so that I am open + ready to receive.

The key is living right here, right now. Giving thanks for the moon and all of her beauty + inspiration this weekend. Here’s to December’s cold full moon… urging us to release, receive, and move forward, ready to claim the new vision that is being created even as we celebrate the magic of this moment.


Full moon blessings, wild ones. xoxo. liz.


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