the halfway mark. 31 day photo journey.

can it be true? are we halfway there? have we turned the corner in our 31 day photo journey?

why, yes we have! it’s friday the 15th (the ides of march. beware!) and we have made it through the first half of march, and thereby, the first half of the photo a day journey. good job!

this was a tough part of the photo journey. and i planned it to be that way. there was a purpose in me choosing to place the words as i placed them. for the first 14 days, i decided that i would use the words that were a little more heavy, difficult, challenging. i wanted the journey to begin in a difficult place, in the dark so to say, so as to be a symbol for what is happening in life, in the world (at least in the northern hemisphere) during this time of year. the journey from winter to spring, from darkness to light. i also wanted to draw upon the christian tradition of lent, or a pilgrimage (as found in many different religions), as a journey through the desert. a time of self-reflection, of self-discovery, of facing what’s painful in life and still holding on. besides isn’t that the cycle of life anyway?

i truly believe that life comes from death. and i designed (together with y’all who submitted words) this photo a day challenge for march to reflect that journey.  i have lived through that journey. i went from living for others’ expectations to discovering my soul and learning what it means to live life to the fullest. but, i only was able to discover those things because of the “death” i experienced. death to my old self, my false self. death to a life where i felt trapped.

in any case, that death and that new life, all came from a year spent reflecting deeply on who i was, who i am, and who i want to be. so, for march, i decided that i wanted to provide an opportunity for a unique journey for all of us through a photo challenge.

8. can’t live without

can’t live without my passport! read the story of how our passports got lost as they were on their way back to us from the chinese embassy here.

9. lost

lost for words as i typed my sermon last weekend. but, it all turned out fine!

10. rocky


11. wander

we wandered downtown. and this happened. a little shopping frenzy, huh_

12. challenge

on this day, tuesday, 12 march, lina’s wonderful and amazing grandfather passed away. what a challenge it is to deal with and accept death as a part of life. so, final. and yet, still, life in some way, emerges from that death. maybe not necessarily for the person who died, but for those who are left behind… who perhaps feel inspired, once again, to live life to the fullest.

13. exploration

doing research on our upcoming trip!

14. destination


now, we have made it to the halfway mark. we have survived and reflected on the first 14 difficult days, and today we turn the corner.

but, before we move on the last 15 days of the photo challenge, of this journey, we take a day to pause. reflect. and rest.

for me, i must admit that the words for the first 14 days have weighed me down. they have affected me and my attitude. every morning when i look at which word is the theme for the day, i somehow take that word into my psyche. i didn’t realize i did that until today, when i woke up and saw that the word was “rest”. and i felt a sense of relief. of calm. i knew that i had survived the first 14 days, as difficult as they were and that i am now ready to move on… closer to the light, closer to hope, closer to life. it truly has been a journey for me so far. and the journey continues for 2 more weeks…

peace to you as you continue to journey on.

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  1. Hi Liz,

    For me, the month of journey was something I easily did on the first half of the month, but midway through it was hard to switch gears, not helped at all by my current new roommate situation. But I have purposely tried to re-focus and I think it is working. I have to remind myself each day, it is a journey and during the journey all things are possible to remember and to focus on, a light inside is always there, as well as out there/in here by God, and that there are plenty of other lights/friends to help guide us along our daily path, whether dark or light, day or night, happy or sad. Thanks so much for this opportunity to walk this month long journey with you.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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