the joys of living in europe.

there are some major perks to living in europe. and one of them is that so many countries, and therefore so many cultures, lay close to one another. on top of that, there are cheap plane tickets to be found. and then there are friends who live in those nearby countries. add all of this up and… you guessed it! my love and i are off on another trip! this time we’re headed to the land of guiness beer, U2, leprechauns, misty cliffs, green grass, & pubs, lots of pubs! IRELAND! i’ve never been there and i can’t wait to visit dublin. i’m sure that our friends will give us a perfect irish weekend!

so, see ya monday & have a great weekend! peace out!

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  1. Enjoy! Dublin was mighty expensive when I visited, Northern Ireland [Belfast] was cheaper with the pound… But – all good!
    Manchester next stop?!

    1. Well, Holly, apparently Sweden is unbelievably expensive because everything is cheaper in Dubliin! We went a little crazy. 🙂 And I would looove to visit Manchester sometime!

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