today i wanna be 12.

 dad & me (from circa 2007/2008). always kids.

it’s halloween!!! i loooove this day! but, what i love most is what i remember from when i was a child or a teenager. halloween was a big deal in my family. we dressed up (well, not my dad). but, my mom had this crazy witch’s costume and wig that she wore almost every year. and of course, my brother & i had costumes on. but, not usually any of those store-bought things. no, not for us. we rummaged around our closets, with mom’s help, to come up with something. there was perhaps a time or 2 we bought a superman or princess costume when we were really young, but what i remember most is trying to be a creative as possible with what we had. and today, i appreciate that so much!

on top of the costumes, there was the anticipation of walking around the neighborhood, hoping to be scared by someone or something, and at the same time freaking out about what lay around the corner. people decorated their houses, had spooky music playing from their windows, and were generous with candy as we went from door to door, yelling “trick or treat!” after a few hours of wandering the neighborhood in the dark, scaring each other & being scared in return, it was back to our house to sift through all the goodies we had gotten… and then a sugar high for the next week.

but, what made my parents stand out from others was the fact they they were kids themselves… they love holidays, and always did everything to make holidays fun! we had 2 fantastic halloween parties during my childhood – one for me & my friends and one for my brother & his friends. it was amazing! we worked hard to scare everyone as much as possible, ate crazy food like dirt, eyeballs, brains, etc., played games, had a gypsy fortune teller (me!), hung ghosts in our trees, had spooky music, bobbed for apples, watched scary movies. it was so much fun!!! and i am so so thankful

so, today, as i fondly remember halloweens of my childhood, i am struck with the urge to go back in time and be a kid again. oh, how much fun it was…

happy halloween, everyone!!! peace.      

(yes. we’re back from ireland & pics are coming soon!!)

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