The real meaning of Independence Day

HAPPY 4th OF JULY, USA! ?? For all of us who are Americans, all around the world, we’re celebrating and remembering our Independence Day. And while I am (surprisingly) in the mood to celebrate everything that it means to me to be American, I am fully aware of the many reasons that we may not feel like celebrating this year.

Yes, many things may be unbelievably shitty right now, but my home country is still fucking amazing. And I stand by that statement. The inspiring + quirky people, the vast + beautiful land, the free-spirited, anything-is-possible attitude, the willingness to get involved in each others’ lives, the deep + wide diversity… they all remain. There is still so much good. And that is our foundation.

So, let’s stop getting sucked in by all of the negative noise, and instead, let’s head out into the streets. Let’s start by talking with someone. One by one, no matter where we are or who we are, no matter who we love, what color our skin is, where we come from, how old we are, what religion we practice or not… let’s raise our voices and shout out what’s working. Let’s share our stories of struggle and survival and pain and hope. Let’s come together. Really listen to each other. And start solving problems… together!

It’s time to stop responding to fire with fire. It’s time to stop believing in an eye for an eye. It’s time to stop retweeting and writing how we hate someone. It’s time to stop the bullying – and I mean everyone. There is no justification ever for inciting violence or wishing harm on anyone, even (and especially) those with whom we disagree.

For once, in the midst of the darkness, let’s grab each other by the hand. Literally. Let’s dare to take the hand of another –  Democrat, Republican, Independent, gay, straight, trans, black, white, brown, Muslim, atheist, Christian, immigrant, indigenous, woman, man, child, foreigner, refugee, rich, poor, stranger, family, abled, disabled, – and walk toward the light together. And maybe, just maybe, together we will finally start to see freedom + equality unfold for all humans. All around the globe.

And then, and only then, will we really have an Independence Day to celebrate. 

So, yes, even when I look honestly at how things are all around the world. Even when I open my eyes + ears to the voices of doubt + terror + negativity, I still have hope. I have hope because of you + me. I have hope because, just as it is easy to see all of the shit, it is also easy to see all of the good. We just have to choose to really look, to really listen.

And so, in the midst of all of this, this conglomeration of good + bad, confusing + inspiring, this girl is still proud to be an American. Proud of her heritage, her history, her present, and her commitment to making a better future.

Today we celebrate all that’s good with the USA… because tomorrow we march + rise up + empower + love unconditionally! Tomorrow, we create peace.✌?

xoxo. liz.

Of course, to help you with your celebrations, I’ve created a freaking awesome and incredibly epic (if I do say so myself – and I do!) playlist for the 4th of July. You can subscribe and listen → right here!

4 thoughts on “The real meaning of Independence Day

    1. Oh dear Louise! Thank you so very much. So good to feel your vibes and your light. xx And a happy belated Canada Day to you!

  1. Good vibrations! Thanks for lifting some positive vibes right now. Love, G

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