February roundup: Using my extra day to celebrate the ordinary ones

Happy leap year day, loves! I’m spending this extra special day looking back over all of the ordinary days of February. It is a month that I do not really love, as I‘ve mentioned before. It’s such a crazy, weird, long month – to be the shortest of the whole year. Still winter, but with the first reminders that spring will one day come. So, it feels hopeful + depressing all at once. The magic of the deepest part of winter is gone. So, what lies ahead, before spring arrives in late April, is 2-3 months of ordinary days – beginning with February. At the same time, it is the first month that seems to feel like the new year has really begun. I really do feel that it is the month of settling in.

Truly it’s not as depressing as I just made it sound in my opening paragraph. Ordinary days are good days too. And it is so very fulfilling + important to learn to soak in all of the ordinariness of life as well. Because, actually, that is where the magic happens.

Still, it ain’t always easy.

And this February hasn’t been any different. For me, this month brought exhaustion, rest, work, creativity, change, and a whole bunch of everyday life. A mix of lovely ordinary moments, to be honest. A perfect way to practice being present in the moment. And the perfect reminder that we are like the seeds just beneath the earth… almost ready to break through the ground + begin to rise. But, not quite yet.

Of course, that means that this is a time of waiting. And it’s not the most comfortable to be waiting on something to happen, waiting for what we know will arrive soon. Green grass, sunshine, warmer weather, longer days, and a sense of bliss + freedom under the sun.

For now, though, I am right in the middle of the waiting time. And, honestly, this is the time meant to teach me to release the past + to let the future be. When I leave right now… when my mind wanders to how it has been or how it will be, then I lose the beauty of the present + I forget the magic in the ordinary.

So, as I pause on this leap year day, I give thanks for the February that has been. And I let March wait patiently in the wings. I am right here, right now. In the middle of my ordinary life – realizing that the secret + mystical nature of life is found right here. And I learn, with each ordinary day that passes, how to embody the rhythm of my soul as I follow the cycles of the seasons.

Happening in nature this February

Ordinary moments with extraordinary people all month long

Slow, solitary moments. Often with coffee. Occurring daily.

Creating new energy at home this month with ordinary things

OMG. We renovated our hall closet!!

Ordinary rituals + spiritual practices to connect with the medicine of the month

So, that was my February. I found myself feeling creative, exhausted, relaxed, stressed out, inspired, tired, challenged, and grateful. Basically, I felt all the feels. And looking back, as it always is, I am filled with nothing but amazement at just how extraordinary all of these ordinary days really were.

With that, it’s time to say farewell to February and look ahead toward March. Truthfully, though, as I may be looking at what’s coming up + creating a few intentions for myself, really all I am learning to care about again + again is right here, right now.

Blessed leap year day, lovelies! See you in March! xoxo liz

2 thoughts on “February roundup: Using my extra day to celebrate the ordinary ones

  1. Have you ever done a blogpost or video about how to photograph? Your pics are always so beautiful, especially the lighting!

    1. what a super sweet thing to say!! thank you! i don’t think i ever have done a blog post on my photography tips. but, perhaps i will now! thank you for the inspiration. 🙂 xoxo

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