The summer season begins today! Here’s why:

Most of us celebrate the midsummer holiday in June as the beginning of summer season. But, why? Midsummer is actually the middle of the summer, as its name suggests. So, if we celebrate the beginning of the summer season then, then we miss out on half of it. And, we sooooo don’t want to miss out on those summer feelings, am I right?! Luckily, if we look to some of the ancient festivals celebrated around the world, we can begin the summer season right now – today!

Today is Beltane. The midpoint between the Spring Equinox back in March and Midsummer in June. And, Midsummer/the summer solstice marks the halfway point between of summer, ending with the festival of Lammas on August 1, which is the midpoint between Midsummer + the Autumn Equinox. Are you with me?

Valborg is the Swedish celebration on April 30th to welcome the season of light + warmth!

Basically, today, Beltane, the celebration of growth, fertility, and life, ushers in the season of summer… lasting from May 1-August 1. Ish. Of course, the season of summer weather extends out from those dates. But, when we look to nature, when we look to our own rhythms in life, the first of May through the first of August can easily be seen as the bookends of the summer season. The season of light, life, and growth. Come August, even though the weather often remains warm, we begin to shift ever so slightly into autumn mode. And, let’s admit it, as soon as May arrives, our longing for summer grows with each passing day.

So, why don’t we begin to recognize the season today? Then we will have a full 3 months of celebrating the light + love + freedom of summer. And, on the summer solstice, we will most definitely be ready to celebrate the height of the season.

Now, you may totally be thinking that May doesn’t feel like summer. Especially because we don’t have vacation. Right? But, y’all. Why wait for vacation? Why wait for the weekend? Why wait to live life, to celebrate, and to observe summer? Why not bring summer feelings + summer inspiration into our everyday life? Sure, we have to follow our daily routines. We have responsibilities and all of that regular, everyday shit to deal with. (Not that it’s shitty, but sometimes we just want to be free, right?).

But, I dare you. No, I double dare you to create a sense of summer freedom every single day. All it takes is a little creativity and gratitude and awareness. Open the widows. Walk barefoot on some grass. Fire up that grill! Slow it down on the weekends, do what you want. Explore your city or neighborhood. Eat outside. Lay on a blanket. Listen to summer music on your way to work. Pick flowers. Go to a restaurant after work. Do these things any day of the week. But, mostly, simply embrace the attitude of summer. Consciously create those vibes for yourself + for those around you.

When we do this, then we will find ourselves living for the present moment instead of waiting for summer vacation to come + save us. Beginning the summer season now keeps us mindful + looking for ways to experience those summer moments right here, right now. It means that we are making the most of our life one day at a time, instead of setting all of our hopes on what is to come.

So, there you go. With Beltane’s arrival today, I am using it to be the gateway, the threshold into my summer season. Soaking up the longer, warmer, lighter days + nights. This literally is the season of life + growth. And I am ready to fully embrace + celebrate it!

Blessed Beltane, wild souls. xoxo. liz.

Need a little summer inspiration?! I’ve created a playlist to last the entire season!

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  1. Merry Beltane! I love this time of year! I’m sitting here this early morning and listening to the bird singing!

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