the week that i was a social butterfly // 19

whoa. my introverted soul is freaking out right now. ok, not really. but, i did sleep until 8:30 this morning (unheard-of for me!) and haven’t gotten out of my pjs all day.

why, you wonder? because i have been super social this week. and i have neeeeeded some downtime today. which i’ve gotten.

but, i wanna share with you how my week was. all of the fun i had. now, mind you, i didn’t take many photos because i was so busy soaking up the moments, enjoying all of the people i was around, and generally living life! poor me, huh?

and, you know, it felt pretty good to just live and be wrapped up in the moment so much so that i wasn’t thinking of anything else. yes, there were 5 long, intense workdays. and then, quite a few very late nights making the long days even longer. but i am so very grateful for this crazy, adventure-filled week.

so, here are my top 5 social moments of the week:

// a workday at school on monday. no students for an entire day meant that i’d be able to get a ton of work done. buuuuut, instead, i had student come to do a bunch of catch-up work with me for 3 and a half hours during the day. she worked her ass off, and i didn’t get shit done. but it was totally worth it.

// tuesday night in stockholm. i hopped on a train right after work with my love and we headed to dinner with a friend, and then a concert with another friend. lina and i ended up finding a little hippo corner over the stage, where we danced, laughed, and hung out with fellow hippie strangers. so cool.

// after a long, tough day on thursday, i spent about an hour out in the sun in the backyard drinking wine and reading. perfect.

// weekend!!! saturday we were full booked. first up, a birthday lunch for a good friend at his favorite burger place in another city with a bunch of our friends, i looked around at one point, as we sipped cold beers and devoured our burgers, and just gave thanks.

// and then a cozy dinner with two other couples, lina’s cousin and her guy, plus two of their friends. yummy food. laughter. record playing. good shit.



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of course i had a few moments of solitude, meditation, and time alone spread out throughout the week. i’d never have made it without those recharging, balancing moments… and it may not sound like i was super busy all week to you. but, to me it was a lot. a lot of goodness and a lot of joy. however, i also know myself, and i knew that today, sunday, would be the perfect day to reset my soul. to listen and just be.


and, seriously, no matter how tired or exhausted i was, how lucky and blessed am i?!

how was your week, my friends? did you stay busy, or did you have a lot of time for yourself? or was it a good balance of it all?

here’s to hoping that you are not experiencing sunday anxiety right now, but instead enjoying exactly where you are + whatever you are doing. i know i sure am. thanks, for reading, guys. happy new week!

xoxo. liz.

5 thoughts on “the week that i was a social butterfly // 19

  1. Sounds divine!

    After a month of hyper-busy with organizing a conference and our Annual Report — I spent time in the studio yesterday savouring the solitude with the muse — sigh. Perfect.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. It sounds bad, but I don’t really remember my week, so I’ll just say it was likely uneventful which is nice sometimes. My son has returned to his dad’s so now I have “me time.”

    Your week sounded fun, but totally exhausting to me. I love socializing, even though I don’t do it in person as much as I’d like. When i am sociable, I usually end up having a hard time unwinding which I desperately need.

    I loved reading about your week and seeing your great photos. It sounds like it was very rewarding but tiring. You are definitely blessed to have a great wife and so many friends! xo

    1. It was absolutely exhausting. I cannot handle weeks like that very often. And when I am faced with them, I am always seeking balance, time alone, and time to breathe. So, I have done nothing for this entire weekend, except been at home and relaxed. And, yes, I am so very blessed to have my wife, and all of the people around me, both near and far.

    1. We see each other all the time, since we live only 10 min from each other! 🙂 I will tell him hello!!

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