the week that was all of the best asheville places + people // 31

Oh, it’s so hard to say goodbye to our trip home to the mountains of North Carolina. These ancient, magical, soul-filled mountains. 

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about coming “home” to Asheville and my parents’ place. I anticipated having that “what the hell have we done by making Sweden our home” feeling. You know, twinges of regret and what ifs. 

But, I can happily report that by our first day here, visiting our old haunts and feeling all of the old emotions/vibes and magic of the area, that is not at all how I felt. No regrets. No sadness. No empty dreams of wanting to move back. 

Oh, this place will always, always be my history and the place where I feel I belong like no other. It will always be a place that stirs my soul and inspires me to be true to my spirit like no other. And the people and places of these mountains will always be kindred spirits, like minds. But, then again, of course that is how it would be. These mountains have played a central role in making me who I am, throughout my whole life, from deep down in my core. 

So, instead of feeling twinges of sadness or regret throughout the week, I felt gratitude and peace and inspiration. 

Lina and I have made our home in Uppsala. And that truly feels like home, which feels so right and so good. That is my present life. So, while in Asheville and the mountains, I just loved it up and soaked it in. Not trying to recreate any feelings of the old days, but instead, embracing and enjoying each moment as it was. Knowing that I needed this visit, I needed this recharge, and to see and hug and be with all of the people I have seen and hugged and been with. But, also knowing, that as much as life changes and moves on, this place will always hold these feelings and emotions here for me. And whether I visit old favorite places + people, or explore + discover new, the spirit of these mountains is always present. 

This place is my history. Part of the story of me. And a very significant part of the story of Lina and me as well. 

These mountains are like a compass for me, my true north. An ancient healing spot where I can come and fill my soul, readying myself for a return down the mountain and back to the sacredness of everyday life. 

For a few years I called this inspiring place my everyday home, but now, once again, it has become that place where I can retreat to in order to receive the spiritual nourishment and inspiration that I so yearn for in order to carry on, in order to keep on living life from my authentic, free-spirited, wild soul. 

This is my tribe and these are my stomping grounds. 

While it is quite difficult to leave the people + places around the mountains, I can’t complain too much because we are simply moving on to the next exciting part of our summer vacation… 

We’re going to the beach!!

It’s the Reynolds family beach week, and that means sun, fun, food, laughter, and traditions beyond comparison. 

As of right now, we’ve already left and are driving all the way through North Carolina – and you know I love a good road trip. 

So, dear folks, I wish you a slow and beautiful Sunday. And a wonderful week, too. I’ll be in touch sometime before next weekend’s trip back to Sweden, but mostly, I’ll be far off the grid. 

Namaste, dear ones. 

xoxo. liz

4 thoughts on “the week that was all of the best asheville places + people // 31

    1. I am so glad that you enjoy my travel posts! I always wonder what people think. 🙂 Thanks so much for always following along! xo

  1. No better feeling than returning to an old home and realizing that the new home is, really, HOME.
    I’m loving that you’re having such a terrific time! Soak up every last minute of it!

    1. I am so sure that you can really relate to this, Miriam. 🙂 I hope that all of your adventures are going well! I’ll make it over to your blog and catch up during the weekend. xoxo

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