the week that was the last week of 2016 // 52

I’m still slowly easing into 2017 even if on the outside it may seem that I have been busy.

I began the year in Maine at my brother’s. Drove to Connecticut to my aunt’s on the second day of 2017, and then drove to NYC and flew home to Sweden over the 3rd + 4th. So, I’ve covered some miles for sure. But, I don’t feel worn down. Sure, it’s only 9 pm and I am snuggled in my own bed… thanks to a bit of jet lag. But, by tomorrow morning, I’ll be all magically rested. Don’t ask me how I know that, I just feel it. And I’ve set an intention – which is, ultimately, a big factor in creating the space + mindset of our days .

I believe that some of my rested-ness comes from last week, though. And, that’s what I’d like to share with you now.

The last week of 2016, as you may have guessed by looking at my most recent posts, was spent in Portland, Maine at my brother’s place. He just moved there during the fall, and we decided that we’d all meet up there for a New England holiday… my parents, my brother, my wife + me.

You can see how our Christmas holiday went –> here <– if you are curious. But, this post is all about those cozy, what-do-i-do-with-these-in-between-days days. And, what I did was take it easy. Oh, sure, I saw some sights and had some fun, but we literally took it from moment to moment. Not really making plans until we were ready to do something. So, it really, really, really helped me to downshift and leave behind a very messy + busy + stressful autumn.

So, let’s take a peek at what I got myself into while in Portland, Maine with my family for one of the most perfectly, magical holidays ever.

sunrise from my bedroom window. that’s the atlantic ocean out there past the houses. be still my wild heart.

celebrating my 7th wedding anniversary with lina with a visit to a local brewery + doing what we do best… drinking beer with my bro.  sunset photo walks on the beach. this is what you see from the window at my brother’s place. i love it here. long, slow mornings with tons of coffee + blogging + photographing. just how i like my mornings to be. exploring the killer neighborhood bakery that is the epitome of new england charm. local goods, friendly people, strong coffee, organic ingredients, and yummy pastries.  also… more pub visits. with the parents + the entire fam. ’cause we love gathering + sharing a meal together.
dive bar explorations (looooved this place called maps) in downtown portland screaming, yelling, laughing and chasing snow.
the snow found us the next morning. woke up to an incredible winter wonderland. new year’s eve celebrations on the beach. just us. some mugs. and some cheap ass champagne. ringing in the year with simplicity + laughter.  happy first sunrise of 2017! new year’s day hunt for food + adventure with the whole fam our last night in maine with a gorgeous crescent moon up above. magic.

And there you go, my friends. My last week of 2016. And it was a heart-warming, wonderful one. It was also my last weekly update post for 2016 – and, as of right now, I will not be doing a weekly round-up post in 2017. Instead, I plan to share what’s happening as it’s happening. Sprinkled with tips + reflections + thoughts. But, this year feels much more like an intention-setting year. No schedules or rules, but plenty of vision + discipline. No saving things up, but savoring things as they happen. So, my everyday life stuff will be happening all of the time on the blog.

And with that, this is the official close of twenty sixteen on belovelive. It’s been a beautiful, messy year. And I am so grateful that I’ve chronicled so much of it here. All of the highs and lows and beauty and woes.

Time now to turn our faces toward the sun + soak in the present moment. Letting all of the adventures + sacred moments of the past transform + guide us today, as we cast a vision for tomorrow.

Thanks for coming along with me in 2016… here’s to many, many more adventures + sacred everyday moments all year long!

xoxo. liz.

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