the week when everything started to fall into place // 3

so, another week has passed all freaking ready. 2016 is really getting underway now. and i am feeling so very good at work. it’s amazing the difference that i have experienced between the first week of work and the second week of work. it feels like i’ve found my sea legs, you might say. not that i know what’s going on completely. in no way am i totally into it all. i’m still learning and have much, much more to learn, but i feel stable. solid. and excited.

just to update you, since you all have been so amazing by sending me so much support + love, i freaking love my job. to be able to know that my main responsibilities are to be there for the students is just amazing. and, this week, i really got into that – having some counseling sessions/meetings with students, and making some connections, it’s just so inspiring.

so, that’s that. things are going great.

at the same time, i snuck in and carved out some much-needed nature time. the best time was yesterday, when i had an errand to run that required me to walk a few miles. to be honest, i was dreading it a bit, but as soon as i started walking, i starting looking around, noticing things, and it turned into this amazing photo walk. i took snaps of buildings, flowers, snow, people, everything  that was around me. because everything just seemed so beautiful.

now, this coming week, my goal is to get some more blogging done. to stay engaged with it. because, to wait about 4 days before i log into my blog again, is just too long. i’ve gotta find a way to keep my energy level up during the work week, so i can write what i feel, comment on your blogs, and keep in touch. i need writing like i need breathing. but, i know, all in good time.

in the meantime, here’s a peek at how some of my week looked. it was a beautiful one. a peaceful one. and a very fulfilling one.hope yours was the same.

4 photos

morning commute sunrise

uppsala river frozen

wood door winter

winter nature

// the sunrise on my morning walk to work. it’s getting brighter + brighter in the mornings.

// a frigid and gorgeous little break by the river during my lunch.

// i absolutely fell in love with this building when i passed it the other day. the snow, the wood. pure perfection.

// it’s always the little things that mean the most.

3 good things

night home

// the lights on the tree just outside my living room window

second hand vintage

// a funky second hand, vintage shop that i stumbled upon the other day


// my little plant baby

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1 photo/music/blog/person/website/book that inspired me

patti smih

when i got home the other day, my love had a gift wrapped for me. no reason, just because. how amazing is that?! though, i must say, we do that every now an then for each other. not that we think that it’s important to “buy” our love, but when we find something that the other person loves, then sometimes we surprise them with a random “you are awesome” gift. and i got one this week!

when i opened the box, these two books were what i found. now, friends, i looooove patti smith. she’s an idol for me. the whole new york, spiritual, artsy, bad-assery of her personality totally inspires me.

when we moved from sweden to the states about 3 years ago, we sold and gave away a bunch of stuff. in my book pile was patti smith’s just kids. i absolutely loved that book. but, books are super hard to transport when moving across seas in a suitcase. so, it didn’t make it. and i have missed having it in my little library.

but, with this amazing surprise gift, my love bought me a new copy! and, on top of that, she got me one of patti smith’s newest books, m train. both of them tell stories about her life, in new york city, and around the world. she’s poetic, deep, dark, and tough. so, if you fancy a hard core, inspirational collection of stories and experiences of a woman seeking to live an true, authentic, artistic life, then i totally recommend exploring some of patti smith’s thoughts, words, and philosophies.

thanks, baby, for these books. i am sooooo very grateful.

how was your week, my friends? any lessons learned, special moments, or inspirational tips?

xoxo. liz.

earth • soul • spirit

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5 thoughts on “the week when everything started to fall into place // 3

  1. That vintage shop is giving me major heart eyes, so cute! Love the white drapes under the ceiling and the bunting.
    Your happiness and contentment is radiating through the screen, how amazing! Fulfilling work is such a gift.
    I learnt this week (from a bunch of wild pigeons) to stop and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts 🙂

  2. I’m so happy that everything is working out so well with the mentoring job, Liz. Of course it would, since this is obviously a perfect fit for your talents! To be able to apply all the years-worth you’ve invested into doing something so amazing/important/necessary must feel, well, amazing. The fact that you’re in the right place, doing what you’re supposed to be doing is so inspiring too, Liz. Much love and high fives and a giddy “Yessssss!” xoxo

  3. I just love that second photo. I enjoyed looking it again. 🙂
    That is so awesome you guys give each other random wrapped gifts. The wrapped part I think makes it even way cooler.
    Can I share your link on my latest weekly small pleasures post? I think it fits.

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