the week with all the feels // 30 

So, it’s a few days late. But, you’ll excuse me for it seeing as I’m on vacay in the States with my family, right? I’ve been totally dying to write a post, but, you know, living in the mine has taken precedence.

But, today I am having a cozy, slow morning at my parents’ place and I found a few minutes to squeeze in a chance to type all of this put on my little iPhone screen.

So, this past week… oh yes, it was all the feels. And while there were tons of beautiful things to see, the most important part of the week were the people. Family + friends. Hugging necks. Clinking beer glasses. Sharing meals. Enjoying belly laughs.
We traveled from New Hampshire, stopping in Connecticut at my aunt’s place overnight, and then down to North Carolina. Once back in the mountains of NC, we settled in at my parents home, letting all of the feels and emotions arise surrounded by coming “home” again.
Road trip! 

North Carolina!! 

First things first: our favorite craft beer at Highland Brewing! A surprise birthday dinner visit from us for our dear friend!! 

Mornings at my parents, shopping, and family time in downtown Waynesville. 

Mexican food the way it should be: cheap, hot, authentic, and lots of it! 

We had a big ole gathering of some of our most fave people in Asheville at the Wedge Brewery. It was an absolutely amazing night… Lina and I were out of control excited!

It poured down rain a couple of times while we were at the brewery, but who cares?! We finished off our beers and then 8 of us headed to a favorite restaurant for dinner. Drenched + messy, but oh so very happy! 
Hope you guys are doing well! I miss our regular conversations, but I’m still here and thinking of you all. Wishing you all the best! I’ll be in touch! 

Love and peace to you. 

xoxo. liz 

4 thoughts on “the week with all the feels // 30 

  1. What fun! Absolutely thrilled I got to finally meet you both, as well as so many of your amazing friends! You two really do carry the light within you, even the rain stands zero chance at ruining that parade.
    Enjoy your beach week, lovely ladies. Hugs! xo <3

    1. I am beyond excited that we got to meet in person and that you came out to join us!! And I’m so glad that you met some of the important people in my life – they are fantastic! And, oh, you are so sweet to say those things about me and Lina. I am overwhelmed and touched. Hope all is well with you! xoxo

    1. Thank you for following along. What a gift it is to have someone peek in and become a part of the journey even from across the many miles. 🙂 Hugs.

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