things that make me smile.

there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. ~c.s. lewis

i went to work today.

even though i’m still on my vacation.

yep. i’ve got 3 days left of my vacation and i cannot believe how freaking fast 4 weeks have gone. it’s like i’ve blinked and the time just flew right on by. a few days ago i said that i was ready to go back to work in one way. and i think i still am. i’m feeling excited & motivated. but, there is this whole other side of me that is experiencing end-of-vacation panic. gaaahh. i don’t want the lazy days of summer to disappear. i mean, it’s almost midnight, i’m watching an episode of “criminal minds” (our new before bed ritual), and i’m just now finding the time to do a blog post today. isn’t this how it’s gonna be when i’m back at work? trying to cram everything i should do and want to do in one day, with time whooshing right on by faster & faster. and then, there’s the fact that this summer vacation has been different that i expected, tougher than i ever imagined, and a time that has changed my life. i’ve been scared, worried, sad, and confused. so, i’m not quite ready to give up my vacation just yet, not when i’ve learned so much about appreciating every little moment & realizing that it could all be gone, everything could (and often does) change in a minute.

as you know, there is this thing about life that is always happens. change. wanted & unwanted changes. abrupt & slow changes. we go from work to vacation, and then from vacation back to work. we go from a day of peace to a day of restlessness & worry. we move on, move out, & move up. things happen. it’s inevitable, change happens. the thing is, we can decide exactly how we want to face the expected & unexpected changes that come.

i have had some moments during this summer that may be tiny, little, regular daily moments, but they have been truly happy ones. perhaps i have become more in tune with appreciating all of the little things in life. so, it’s hard to prepare myself to leave these moments and head back to the daily grind. but, there is one thing i am sure of… even though things are changing, even though vacation is almost over & i’m headed back to work, i am certain that there are beautiful moments that lie ahead as well.

i thought i’d share a few of the things that have made my heart happy in the past few days…

a road trip to IKEA is always a good time.

and a new addition to the floor from IKEA is even better. hehe.

a whole week of cozy, rainy days. actually the perfect way to enjoy my last week of vacation.

homemade sunflower seed crackers. that’s right. i made them.

trying out new recipes: zucchini chips. yummi yum yum.

listening to my love sing. love, love, love it.

 this face. my heart is melting.

smile on, my friends. peace.

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  1. I think it’s so important to take time to recognize the little things that make you smile! This post made me do that today, so thanks for sharing and inspiring!

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