things that make my heart skip a beat.

i’ve been spending a little time on pinterest lately. have you gotten into the pinterest thing yet? it’s definitely not something that is taking over my life or anything, but it is a place where i receive tons of inspiration every now & then. a place where i reconnect with the things that inspire me: words, photos, old things, nature, simple things. although it can be cheesy & repetitive (how many homemade laundry detergent pins do i need to see?! but, to each his or her own.), but so much of what i see, on the boards of the people i follow, makes my heart beat fast and makes me feel all warm & gooey inside. i visit the website a couple of times a day, but usually only for a few minutes or so. pinning and repinning beautiful things feels like creating my own digital mood/inspiration board. and love it. it makes me feel like all i want to do is create & inspire all day, every day.

sometimes i also find a website or a blog that inspires me even more than pinterest. or at least on the same level. the other day, thanks to ashley, i stumbled onto a website of a guy who is from charlotte, north carolina (of all places! i’m from north carolina!). i cannot put into words how much i love, love, love his pictures, posts, words, thoughts. gaaahh. so wonderful. check him out here.

so, i thought i’d share with you a few of the things that i’ve been looking at and drooling over lately. things that give me a feeling that anything is truly possible. things that ground me & remind me what’s important to me in my life. things that are lovely.

i suppose that some people aren’t really into pinterest, but i have found it to be an oasis of art – a gallery of words & pictures. and that is exactly what i need & want right now. as for my little blog meltdown yesterday, i feel much better today. and i truly appreciate all of your input, suggestions, and comments. i’m letting everything settle into me, and feeling very blessed.

of course, i extend an invitation for you to follow me on pinterest. click here to see all of my boards & inspirations. check me out & then just browse around. everybody can find something interesting to look at. of course it goes without saying, that all images are from pinterest. you can find the sources i got them from on my boards.

peace, love, & understanding.

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    1. I know! I try really hard to not get stuck there for hours, but there’s just so much good stuff. 🙂

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